Monday, October 29, 2007

postcard recap!

yeah yeah, basi (stale) already right? But I still want to just state this for the record, because otherwise I'll probably forget details, LoL!

To recap, I pledged to send a postcard from Malaysia and/or Switzerland to whoever who emailed me their addresses, with the catch that they then provide me with one link per postcard. Ummm, frankly, I'm not sure if everyone complied with the condition, but what the heck, you live, you learn, and that karma will come back and bite ya some other way, it's out of my hands :D [ADD: and for those who *did* link as requested, I thank you very much!]

So, here are the people who received postcards:

from Malaysia:
> Kim
> Dave2
> Kevin

from Switzerland:
> Kim
> Dave
> Kevin
> Moomykin
> Rima
> Nin
> Mrs J
> Ummi

Did I miss anyone?

Y'know, I did like the fact that I was engaging some people beyond just the blog page, and I really liked how some (Kim!) loved the postcards I'd chosen for them. I look forward to doing a similar exercise next year, if I make it to Malaysia again, so if you missed out, or of you want another round of postcards, stay tuned, k? :-)


  1. I loved mine! I still have them. Did I not link... I think I did... wel, you are on my blogroll, does that count? ;)

  2. Yes Kim, you did link, no worries! I didn't want to point out specifically who did or didn't, and certainly didn't think I'd invoke uncertainty in those who *did* link! yikes! And again, glad you liked what I picked out for ya :-)

  3. Hey! I loved them, too! And linked! *sniffle*


  4. Kev - yikes! okay, that's it, I'm additon/editing this post! As I pass a tissue over to ya :-)


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