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more than you ever wanted to know about bathroom habits

So apart from that cold snap about 2 weeks ago, the weather's been pretty fine, for October. There've been one or two utterly dreary rainy days, but apart from these, it's been sunny, clear blue skies, cool. Nice. That 45F snap is but a memory now. :-)

I see myself slowing down on my Sim City (took over a month!!), although the time I put in is quite focused now. Like I said, upon finding a tract of land with 11 (actually now 12) connections, I've been thinking even more "big picture" and am developing the entire region, not just a row of three cities. Or at least establishing "main connections" that might end up becoming highways once the region matures and I've got high density zones everywhere.

Bored yet?

Well here's something to change the pace a little. Saw this over at Jeff's place and figured what the hell... here goes!

The Bathroom Meme (with some changes a la lynnenaranek)

1. First body part washed in shower?
I take soap in right hand, and work on left arm from fingers to pit before switching hands/arms.

2. Conditioner y/n? Yes, but I figured double application of stuff on my head means double the hair breakage every day, so I recently decided to switch to Pert (or Rejoice 2-in-1, to my Malaysian readers) once the current bottle of conditioner is finished.

3. Razor - manual, electric?
Disposable manual, for legs & armpits. I'm currently using a free sample of "Intuition" which essentially has a bar of soap surrounding the razor itself - pretty nifty!

4. Shaving cream - foam, gel?
El cheapo goes for lather from the bath soap.

5. Toothbrush - regular or electric?
Regular. Should be electric, I had one, but didn't wanna bother bringing it with me from Malaysia to the U.S. back in '04.

6. Toothpaste - regular or gel, whitening etc?
GEL GEL GEL! I dunno what it is about me, but when I first stumbled upon gel toothpaste (I remember it was back in my teenage years, in Switzerland) I totally fell in love with it, and have pretty much turned my back on all non-gels.

7. Floss - y/n, flavored, thick/thin, waxed?
Yes, although used nowhere near as often/regularly as it should. I use waxed minted dental TAPE (kills my gums less than actual floss).

8. Mouthwash - y/n, brand?
Was never brought up to use this, and have yet to pick up the habit on my own.

9. Toilet paper - over or under?
I prefer over, that's the "natural" setting, isn't it? But Kosh remains convinced that having it "under" will somehow help reduce the chances of the cat ruining an entire roll if/when she gets into her head to mangle/claw/play with the roll while on the bathroom sink (see end of this post). Hmmmm.

10. Magazines?
We've got a reading table in the bathroom all right. Or maybe activity table? My main item is a book of crosswords, tho I also have two magazines I'm slowly going through. Kosh has the intention of catching up on medical-related reading while on the throne so there are some medical magazines/reading material there, but instead he's been going through the Harry Potter books (he's now on Book 4).

11. Hair dryer or towel dry?
Air-dry. But mainly because I don't have a hair dryer. And even if I did have one, I really really really am clueless as to how to use it properly. And I usually couldn't be bothered to put that extra effort for myself anyways. So yeah, air dry.

12. Hair "products" - moose, gel, hairspray, etc?
I have some sort of "curl protector" I used regularly when I had my body wave, tho now there's maybe a quarter left in the tube and I couldn't be bothered to salvage the remnants of the curls, so apart from that anomaly, no, no products in hair.

13. Cologne perfume, etc - y/n, brand?
Not any more. Used to have a small collection of fragrances (all unisex or men's perfumes, can't stand women's, waaay too strong & flowery usually!), but I so dropped out of the habit maybe 5 years ago. I might have started up again except that that marvelous Calvin Klein Eternity Summer for Men I came across in the Zurich airport, which Kosh was willing to get for me but I said naaah I had no idea if it was a good price or not (duty free does not always mean cheap!), besides we could probably get it back in the U.S., you know, that one? Haven't found it yet. Once/If I do, then I'll start again :-)

14. Deodorant - Spray, roll-on, stick (gel or white), scented etc?
GEL GEL GEL! And for the longest time, the only gel anti-perspirant I could find on the shelves in Malaysia was Gilette brand, for men, so there I was with men's toiletries all the time, people certainly didn't know what to make of me, LoL! Right now I'm experimenting with other types/brands, to see which "little black dress approved" type claim actually works, seeing as I wear black most of the time and do NOT appreciate the streak of white I get on the shirt as I put it on...

15. Sink and shower soap - liquid, bar, bodywash, etc?
Sink> liquid
Shower> bar, although for quite a while I was going for liquid bodywash - the reason I've acquiesced to to bars like Kosh likes is because the one or two body washes I've tried here just don't seem to lather the way I like, or leave this iccky moisturizing layer behind that's supposed to be good for me but irritates me instead :p

16. Sink cup - disposable Dixie type, regular?
Was never brought up to use this, and have yet to pick up the habit on my own. There's something so much more satisfying about getting rinsing water from your cupped hand...

... bored yet? Okay you can go away now. Bye! :-)


  1. Watch, I'll probably wind up being the only one to comment on this since noone else (but you and me) will think this is interesting. But for some dumb reason it does interest me.

    Since there's so many different choices to make in bathroom habits, I think it's fun to see what and why other people choose what they do.

    One thing though - Kosh has read 4 Harry Potter books in the bathroom? He might want to think about some bran ;-)

  2. That's a fun meme. We have a cabinet in our bathroom just for reading materials...


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