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November's Bits & Pieces

Hi!! Missed me?? :-)

Here's a Bit:
So I went on the treadmill again today, this time hitting it at 3pm, which is a first - usually if I don't drag myself there in the morning I just ain't going... but today seeing as I *was* too lazy this morning then ended up not doing anything while waiitng Kosh to get back from rounds by noon [it's 4pm he's still not back yet] figured my having finished a pack of Golden Oreos *required* some effort on my part to make up for it. So i did the treadmill.

And funny thing - I'd swing my arms while walking on the 'mill, and occasionally I'd brush my hand/arm against the side/handle every so slightly, and yet it would hurt.

a tingly type hurt.

Kinda like I'd been.

Awww crap.

I was getting ZAPPED!!

Even worse was despite my figuring out I was building up static on that dang machine, I'd keep forgetting, so when I brushed against the sides, or, even better, when I gripped the handle prior to adjusting my speed/incline, I'd get one nice [read: nasty] zap.

I don't recall getting zapped the other times I've been treadmilling.

The new/different factor for today? I used my beloved Nikes instead of the cheapo Power pair. Hmmm. Of course, my ever-curious mind will dictate that on my next gym trips, I'll try to figure out if my Nikes indeed cause static build-up.

Here's another Bit:
Yes, I generate/build-up static very easily. Tis the season for me to dread getting out of the car and then closing the door, because, well, ZAPPPPPP! It HURTS, okay?? :-(

Here's a Piece:
Corny lyrics alert:
    We know what to say
    If you stand in our way:
    "Don't stand in our way"
brought to you by Meat Loaf's In the Land of the Pig, the Butcher is King, written by Jim Steinman, and, cool beans, featuring Steve Vai on guitar :-)

And another piece:
Remember the mystery that was what song from BatIII did Meat sing at last year's concert? I don't know how much of this is "reconstructive memory" or whatever, but I'm pretty sure it's the song "Cry Over Me": after listening to the album numerous times [that's an understatement, btw] I can pretty much visualise the sight & sound of that particular song onstage. As far as I'm concerned, mystery solved. But I would like to know if the lyrics got changed between concert & actual album, because I *swear* the song did include "it only hurts when you feel"!

Oooh, another piece!:
Haven't blogged in quite a while. Why? Meat Loaf. Really. All I've wanted to do these past few days has been to curl up and immerse myself in the album. And by immerse that means not only having the album play over and over and over while I pretend to do other stuff, but also while I study the CD booklet and sing along with the songs, trying to set into memory some of the more memorable songs & lyrics.

Speaking about memorable songs: Have I mentioned that they have pretty much grown on me, such that even It's all Coming Back to me Now is extremely listenable, and Marion Raven's voice which earlier I'd thought was just plain flat and mismatched in that song now seems strangely complementary to Meat's own voice. It helps that I've always liked that song [and always thought it a pity that it was Ms Dion who'd sung it,, even well before I knew it was a Steinman creation]

What a difference a few spins of the CD make!

And one of my many favourites [I think every day a different song speaks to me more] is "Alive", such a large self-affirming song... at one point I listened to it like 4x in a row, and at the end, I'd sing out loud at the top of my lungs, with arms outstretched, head thrown back: Let the end of the world come tumbling down; I'll be the last man standing on the ground; And if my shadow's all that survives, I'm still A L IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII VE!

I may return to regular programming in a day or two.

Till then -
    And I know that I'm gonna be like this forever
    I'm never going to be what I should
    And you think that I'll be bad for just a little while
    But I know I'll be bad for good"


  1. I hate it when I am all staticky - it always seems to happen to me when I am leaving the car. I open the door to get out and ZAP!!! ARGGGG!!!!

    Good job on getting to the gym in the afternoon though! ;) Hope the zaps don't keep you away!

  2. I get all static when I'm stressed out. :-(

  3. Well it happens to me too - especially while getting off the car. Strangely enough, it doesn't happen if I am driving.

    Also happens in supermarkets when I am pushing a trolley.

  4. ello sweetie

    no longer blogging at blogspot..might start a new one later..

    meanwhile, ive been blogging at friendster.

    here's the link to my blog




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