Wednesday, November 08, 2006

If it ain't broke...

... break it!

Whoohoo I've found my workout anthem :-)

Song #10 on BatIII sets just the right pace for me to work it work it work it on the treadmill without activating my shins, enabling me to totally immerse myself in the music and emerge unscathed from the workout 45 mins later [not that I listened to that one song for 45mins lah, but it came on as I was hitting my peak and that totally helped me go beyond what I would normally do, especially considering it was the treadmill {of which I am NOT a fan!} and not the elliptical thingy!]
    btw - BatIII is definitely growing on me :-) Heck, even The Monster's Loose isn't that bad now that I've heard it like 10 times.. maybe it *was* a good choice for an opening track after all?

BUT: I have yet to identify the song from the concert. That's because I don't remember it or the lyrics while I'm actually listening to BatIII. Nvm, today I will get to the bottom of that mystery.

I leave you with some awesome lyrics from Song #2: Blind As A Bat
    And I wish I could give you
    Something in return
    For the precious time you wasted
    On the tears I never earned
    For reaching out to help me
    'Cross the bridges I have burned

On a humourous aside: part of the song also goes
    Your love is blind
    Blind as a bat
    The way that you're leading me
    Home like that
... but me being me, expecting a "you gone done me wrong" type song, I keep filling in my own lyrics, and laughing at myself everytime I catch myself. This is what I tend to sing instead:
    Your love is blind
    Blind as a bat
    The way that you're lea*V*ing me
    *COLD* like that
Okay so it's funny to me. :p I freely admit and acknowledge I'm a freak when it comes to Meat Loaf, k? :-)

P/S> Song #4 Bad For Good, apart from being a true-blue Steinman song, also sounded suspiciously like a Queen song in some places... and whaddaya know, that's Brian May on guitar!

[My previous post with first rxns to BatIII here]


  1. Wow! I take my hat off for the workout queen; behold for it is Lynne!!

    45 minutes, that is a long time indeed. I only wish I could use a treadmill. I am too fat! How sad is that? I have to lose weight to be able to use it... Feck it!

    I think you are great!!

    Love Monsoon

  2. Now I'm really exicited to hear it - as long as I don't have to work out while listening to it though ;-)

    Brian May has a very signature sound. He's one of my favorite guitarists of all time.


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