Monday, November 27, 2006

cutting down on laundry time?

Found this handy "how to fold a t-shirt in ~3 seconds" video sometime last week.

Pretty nifty, eh?

So, I played it a few times: studied it, if you will; and was confident I'd be able to reproduce it when I was next in the laundry room with all those dried clothes a-beggin for some foldage.


When that time came... I just couldn't remember the "trick". So I had to still fold the t-shirts the "long" way. Bleh.

Reminder #1: you can't just watch something being done and assume you can do it - you need to try it out yourself!

So, on the *next* laundry day? You'll find me practicing with one t-shirt in front of the 'puter before heading down to tackle the many tee's that will be a-waitin for my attention in the dryer.

In the meantime - if this trick helps *you* out with *your* foldage duties - you're welcome! :-)



  1. That's amazing.

    I still love my flip-n-fold though.

  2. That's fantastic! Off to fold some
    T-shirts now :o)

  3. Lord, I wish I'd have known how to do that when I was in Basic Training! Awesome--THANKS!

  4. cool!!!
    must try, must try...

  5. I think my brain inverted from watching that.

  6. hohoho....mucho gracias babe! tried folding a t-shirt in front of ma pc...hehehe...jadi lah....


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