Tuesday, November 07, 2006

where British comedy, cartoon songs and real life collide...

"You have big harrrmmh, may I touch?"
    I don't remember how I got to this page, but teeheehee I just had to link it :-) I had lots of LOLs, and the last [#1] skit was soooo painful to watch and yet I had to keep watching... like a trainwreck... which is how I would describe just about every Borat skit I've seen anyway. Yes, click here for Cracked's 10 Best Borat Skits of All-Time.

    Now, when the hype for Borat was starting to be heard about a month ago, I caught sight of the character and wondered why it/he was so familar. Took me a while to realise/accept that this was the person I knew as Ali G! Not that I liked that character either - he uses a brand of humor that's not quite up my alley. But his interview with Posh & Becks for Comic Relief was classic - "so do you want little Brooklyn to grow up and be a footballer like his dad, or a singer like Mariah Carey?" LMAO! The little bit about sarong/ so wrong is what has stayed in my mind for the longest time. Thanx to YouTube I managed to refresh my memory. It's a 10 min thing, and the audio doesn't quite match the video, but stick with it ... the sarong thing is right at the end, at about 9:30 or so. Check it out here.
After watching those 10 clips of Borat, I've decided that i will not be watching the movie in theatres - I'll be more than happy to watch it as a rented DVD, where I can divvy up exposure to Mr Cohen into small doses :-)

Once more thing: I don't know if it's intentional or just coincidental, but I vaguely remember that people in the Northern area of Malaysia [Perlis / Kedah] use a term sounding suspiciously like "bo'rat" as a colloquial for, err, harrrmmph. Any orang utara who can confirm/deny?

= = =

And since I was reminded of random British comedy... here's a Star Wars Episode One spoof by French & Saunders. Watch out for random teletubbies roaming around the marketplace. You'll cheer at Gui-Gon Jinn telling "Jar-Jar" to "piss off! piss off!" Again, the ending is the best "before you go, master, answer me this one last big question... do I grow up to become Alec Guiness?"

UPDATE Tuesday 1050am; here's another F&S SW:I 2min clip: watch for the changing Padme makeup! L.M.A.O.!

= = =

And this is related in the way that they all indicate the weird things that tweak my fancy... compare the following verses:
    we like sweets a lot
    but they make our insides rot
    so remember it's your body
    and the only one you've got


    we like sweets a lot
    so give us all you got
    and we'll stuff 'em in our bodies
    till they make our insides rot

That's quite a bit of difference, eh?

Recognize the lyrics? It's the end of the Animaniacs song Be Careful What You Eat where Wakko, Yakko and Dot sing out the ingredients that make up candy bars and ice cream [pistachio almond fruit fudge butterscotch delight], yummy yum!

Now, I've had the Animaniacs audio CD for over ten years, and the CD has had loads of playtime over the years [having a 10-disc player in the car is one of the best ways to forgot you're stuck in a friggin traffic jam in KL, lemmie tell ya!], so while I may still stumble over the lyrics that are sang way too fast, I certainly know how the songs sound. And Be Careful What You Eat is one of my faves [heehehe I couldn't tell you right now which is NOT my fave, they are all nice and zany LOL!]

So it was a bit jarring for me to hear the alternate ending on the DVD [Vol 1].

I wonder if they re-recorded and re-worded the song to be more "responsible" on the CD?

I'm used to the responsible version, but the "original" is definitely more in line with the attitude that is Wakko, Yakko & Dot, don't ya think?

= = =

A self-update: The self-sabotage is going extremely well! Never have I so craved cookies as I have in this past week [damn you, Golden Oreos!], and I seem hard-pressed to drink even a bottle of water a day! So of course, the 5 or 6 small meals a day plan has been totally out the window for quite a while now. Grrrr! I've still managed to hit the gym about 4x a week, which is probably the only good thing for the moment.

Nvm, tomorrow is a brand new day.

No, wait, TODAY! It *is* past midnight, after all!

And I'm still nursing my caffeine-laden Coke Zero.

Gee, I wonder when I'm actually gonna sleep? Of course, actually getting to bed might help :p



  1. Lol, we actually went to the movies to see Borat last night. It was absolutely throwing it down with rain, but we braved some puddles deeper than the neighbours fishpond to see it.

    It. was. hilarious!

    If you're not into his brand of humour then yeah, it might not be to your taste, and it's definitely not to everyone's taste, but omg, I laughed till I cried.

    Well worth the money in my opinion :D

  2. It's carzy but Borat is no 1 here in the UK. I wonder whether it will ever be shown on Malaysian screens.

  3. Dawn> I'm sure I'll really enjoy the movie [I appreciate Borat much more than I do Ali-G!], but just watching the 10 clips on the Cracked.com site gave me quite a headache, so I figure 1.5hrs of uninterrupted Borat in one go might not be too wise. Besides, I really don't see how I'd ever be able to get Kosh to the movies what with his schedule and all: DVD rental is the way to go.

    Adam> I wonder... on one hand Borat is anti-Jew so the authorities would totally love that! but on the other hand I bet there's loads of sexually inappropriate stuff in there too. If nothing else, the pirated VCD & DVD sellers are going to make a killing!

  4. "Look at the dog!" Ha ha, that is too funny! I am a huge Star Wars fan, thanks for sharing the spoofs! :)

  5. The movie is about to be shown here this month. Actually, I'm no fan of British comedy but I've read and heard about its off-beat humor. And now I can't wait to see it. :-D

  6. I am a HUGE fan of british comedy. To me nothing beats it. Ok perhaps certain american sit-coms do. But French and Saunders, Absolutely fabulous and Monty Python are all effen fun.

    Borat I do not know...

    Thanks for all your kind words on my blog by the way...

    love Monsoon

  7. The funny thing is that the actor "Cohen" is actually a Jew.


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