Thursday, June 23, 2005

... a walk in the park ...

Found what looks to be 'reflexology steps' over at Crystal Lake Park!!

Doing a 'morning walk' thing the way i was in my last few weeks in KL is not quite the same over here... for one thing the weather overall is actually pretty cool, and therefore i don't seem to be able to sweat! :(

And yes, it's a WALK. I have never been a fan of running/ jogging... and what with my shins acting up like crazy again the last 2 months, i certainly do not want to aggravate anything any further... heck even walking activates it somethimes :( that's why my fave cardio machine in the gym is the elliptical stepper thingy, as opposed to the 'normal' stepper or the treadmill, where i move the whole leg as one unit, as opposed to moving feet & knees...

cause of my shin pain? according to one gym instructor, it's something that afflicts people who play sports that involve "lots of running" like football and tennis. according to aonther friend of mine, it's because i actually have in the past, gone jogging and/or running. whatever it is, it wasn't bad before, but like i said, in the last 2 months or so it's been there more often than not whenever i walk. bummer. will be looking for someone to massage the pain away, tho i bet here in the u.s. it will be expensive.. *sigh*

anyway... i digress.. i started this with the discovery of the reflexology steps in the nearby park. that was yesterday. I'd spied the steps before, but my route kinda took me in other directions. Yesterday I decided to take a closer look. Kinda run-down, certainly not maintained in quite a while... but i'd been longing to find some rough/uneven surface to walk on for quite a while now, so this was great for me! Off went the shoes (socks stay on, of course!), and I musta spent a good 10 minutes just stepping pretty much in one spot... aaaaaaah, so nice!! :D

another tale of the park: Crystal Lake Park has, of course, a lake, and lots of ducks. one day i was walking along the path, which is separated from the bank of the lake by a vehicle road... and spied ahead a whole bunch of the ducks that had decided to have a gathering on the path. The path would bring me right thru the middle of this group. Having seen enough American Funniest Home Videos of people being pecked in their nether regions by vengeful ducks/geese/swans, I decided to walk on the far side of the road, skirting the ducks. Of course, i did see that one duck standing in the MIDDLE of the road, and thought to myself 'great, it would be just my luck if that one duck is the one to give me trouble when I pass this group'...

and guess what? yes that one duck WAS the one to give me trouble as i passed! It arched its neck, looked directly at me, took a few steps towards me, and even HISSED at me!! yikes!!

I gave it an even wider berth, walking on the grass beween the road and the lake (instead of just on the edge of the road), and increased speed... and didn't look back until I was well away from that spot... no sign of pursuit, whew!

... so that was my brush with the local wildlife :D

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