Thursday, November 15, 2007

just for the record

... yeahhhh... so here are some pix and a writeup on a march that took place in Kuala Lumpur, a march to show the rakyat's want for clean elections, a march that got nasty and was forcibly dispersed, or perhaps was forcibly disperse and therefore turned nasty? I'm not bothering to read up more to find the answer to that, probably will get totally opposing answers depending on whether I'm reading official government propaganda piece or an independent/opposition site. Gotta love all that crap. Oh, and for more, check out all the comments here.

And on another note... I'm already bummed out by the fact that even if I wanted to take one or two more writing classes at this one place I'd used before, even if I were willing to put up with the 1-hr commute during evening rush hour, I CAN'T! Because the L-stop right by the place is going to be closed for renovation for a friggin year.

Oh, and I'm working on my NaNo in spurts. It's a question of motivation (which shouldn't even be an issue...), not inspiration.


p/s> it's 2:30 am. and tell me what is wrong with this picture?


  1. What march? I think I miss that one... there was a massive jam going to KL that day....

  2. DG> you didn't know about the "Bersih" rally? well, it certianly got under-reported by the government mouthpieces anyway... look to alternative sources for the other side of the story... need to draw yr own conclusions, of course, since there always three sides to any story, kan? :p

  3. What's wrong with that picture is that it isn't mah-jongg masters, which is what I play every day before I NaNo ;)

  4. Is it that you played 900 some games already?

  5. eden> LoL, to each her own :-) I've tried the mahjong thingy, but there are just too many weird tiles to recognise, let alone keep track of :p

    kim> yup! and in addition to that, my solve % seems dreadfully low.. then again, what can I expect when I need to click in unknown territory just to hope for open spaces to open up... I keep muttering that if you "die" within 5 seconds of starting a game it shouldn't count ... now how can I get the manufacturers to agree? :)


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