Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nova news: of PROMs and curveballs

I recently experienced a PROM, and no, I'm not talking about that American high school rite-of-passage, but Premature Rupture Of the Membranes... or, in layman's terms, my water broke!

Now, when you're really close to your due date, this breaking of water thing is good, signaling the start of labor and delivery.

But when you're more than two months away from said due date? Not so good.

Perhaps lil' Nova was impatient to get out and play with all the goodies he/she had collected from the baby shower we'd just had ... or ... since a few other expectant mothers also experienced the same thing on the same day, perhaps all the weird weather and variable barometric pressure impacted these membranes somewhat ... or it could just be due to the phase of the moon, who knows... there's no real way to tell why it happened, only that it did.

These past few days have been quite an experience. It is a huge relief to be past the critical first 48 hours though, and it looks like we will be settling into a waiting game / holding pattern. Nova is still a-pickling inside me, and the goal is to keep him/her there for as long as possible up till 34wks: if I've not gone into labor naturally by then, they'll induce me.

No I won't tell you how far along I am. ... suffice to say I'm marveling at this curveball life just threw at us: from having more than two months to prepare for Nova's arrival, we now might meet the tyke in just a few weeks' time.

And between now and then, I will be in hospital, under the watchful eye(s) of relevant medical professionals.
In the meantime, poor Kosh has to split himself between work, home/cat and me PLUS get the apartment ready for Nova.
In many ways, I have it easy ... for the moment, anyway!

So do send 'stay put' thoughts to Nova, k?

My next update here might not be until Nova appears.



  1. Thinking about you all the time. You keep resting.

  2. Oooh Lynne! Hang in there yeah? And get all the rest you need!

    Lil' Nova, you stay put! Ya hear me??

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I hope you're doing well... can I come visit?

  4. Hope you and Nova are hanging in there!! Thinking of you, pally. :)


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