Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Snapshot

So this morning, I thought the elevator was filled with bags of garbage.


If this sight were to greet you as you approached an elevator, what would be your first thought?


Turns out that while they were indeed garbage bags, they weren't bags of garbage.

Someone was moving in on a budget, or didn't have access to boxes, I guess.

Whatever works, I suppose....

I just hope he/she/they reuse the bags, that they will be set for a few months' worth of bags for their actual garbage. Because if all these bags end up in a garbage bag and get thrown out... well... that's a big OUCH for Mother Nature!!


  1. Yeah, I have so done that before. We moved out to El Paso once for the Army, and we used bags, suit cases, and laundry baskets.

  2. I thought it was bags of garbage as well! Another way to move your things...

  3. I'm surprised they left all their stuff in the elevator. At least it looks like they labeled some/all of the bags.

  4. Yeah, hope they reuse the bag after.

  5. I've totally been there before lol. I once moved using garbage bags, and my laundry hamper. It wasn't a happy experience and not one I'm keen to repeat.

    I too, hope they reuse the bags. Throwing all those out will be such a waste and yeah, Mother Nature won't be the happiest.

  6. Oh my! That would have TOTALLY weirded me out. It would be tough to use those to move.


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