Friday, October 10, 2008

another foody friday

... but first, another itchy update. Yeah, so two days ago we went to the in-laws for an overnight visit, and yesterday we spent some time outdoors, playing around with a b.b.gun, and getting assaulted by no-see-'ums. And guess what? By the time I got back home, I was covered in welts all over my neck and upper chest & back. I blame the no-see-'ums. If I were to post pics, you'd puke! If you're curious, click here. But don't blame me if you freak!! Seriously. We have an appointment for next week. In the meantime, I'm popping Benadryl like there's no tomorrow. Fun!

.... moving on .....

Here are more food pix!!

1. I experimented with a cheesy chicken pot pie recipe posted at The Smith's Kitchen (don't bother clicking the link, it doesn't exist anymore! she moved to her own domain!).

I didn't strictly follow the recipe, so who knows if it was due to me or the recipe that I didn't quite like what got produced.

What was wrong?

For one, it was sour. Yes, the recipe called for sour cream, and I used it, but crikey, was it sour!

Secondly, the biscuit-like topping called for cake mix but I used flour. Came out slightly chewy, and sour (yes, some sour cream required there too!). Next time, I might just use a can of the crescent roll dough for a simple and guaranteed tasty crust.

And if there is a next time, I'll see how I can incorporate coconut milk - I have a feeling it'll hold everything together very well. :)

2. I can't remember who had pointed me to this recipe on the Kraft website: Beef & Macaroni Bake. Again, didn't quite follow the recipe.

Instead of ground beef, I used Morningstar's soy crumbles, and I cooked that with Hot&Spicy taco seasoning.

The recipe called for one 14oz package of mac&cheese - ummm, a normal package is 7oz,,, so I did a double batch, but when it was ready, I think all I needed was just one package. So take note, in case you want to try this out yourself. Then the last step with the flour/butter/egg mixture didn't seem to thicken, grrrr...

but you know what? It turned out delish!! So delish, that within 24 hours it was gone. 75% consumed by me, LoL!! This is a definite re-try.

3. SOPAPIA! Yeah, did it again, specifically to be shared with my meditation group.

I got rave reviews, with a few people not quite believing that it wasn't store bought :)

But *next* time I make this, I'm going to start experimenting - less sugar, and low-fat cream cheese! :)

... last but not least ... I'm typing this while an experimental meatloaf is a-bakin' in the oven. Why experimental?

It's still based on this recipe;
except that I used 95% lean beef *and* another 1 lb equivalent of Morningstar's soy crumbles.

Forgot the celery this time around.

Yes, it has two hard boiled eggs in there.

... Another 15 minutes or so to go until this is ready.

I'm hungry!!

... and in case you caught it, yes, I am trying to introduce more soy into our diet. So far, these soy crumbles seem to be the best option. I've tried playing with the "plain" tofu, and wasn't impressed. Then I tried Morningstar's fake steak slices - both Kosh and I think that is what gave us real nasty gas, so we're not trying that again. But the crumbles? So far so good!

Here's to better food choices!

Have a good weekend y'all.

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