Wednesday, October 15, 2008

geekiness #2; and R.I.P.

[click here for geekiness, part 1] First, the geekiness: omg omg omg Alex Bledsoe visited *and commented!* on my blog!! excuse me while I have another geek-out moment!! :)

And now, for the sad news. To my dismay, I realise I'm over a YEAR behind on this piece of news!! Better late than never? Something mentioned by Pat Rothfuss had me all a-flutter... a quick search confirmed it:
we have lost Robert Jordan

Yes, author of The Wheel of Time series, the person I started feeling real angry at because it felt as if he was stringing fans along by unnecessarily extending the series such that many books were almost not worth the read, the author who released Book #11 in 2005 which kinda redeemed him in my eyes, and gave me hope that we'd finally get to the end of the series and resolve all those storylines... yes, that author.

It seems Brandon Sanderson has been chosen to finish the series, utilising the copious notes and hours of voice recordings left by the late Mr Jordan. The book is scheduled to be released in Fall 2009. Between now and then, I'll be acquainting myself with Mr Sanderson's work.

And yes, this is another book-related post.

Next one will be different. Maybe.

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