Thursday, October 23, 2008

while we were in line at the grocery store the other day ...

... this woman comes up to the line and asks "You got 15 dollars?"

I look at Kosh, Kosh looks at me, both of us wondering if this is for real.
This goes beyond panhandling!

"Okay, how about 10 dollars? That's a 5 dollar savings, not bad!"

Ummm... yeaahhhh....


  1. Really that bad in US??? Did I tell u I was in DeKalb Illinois for more than 4 years....??

    That was long time ago.... Cheers...

    P/S: I envy u.... for not having to work!

  2. Well, you can't say she doesn't have balls. Solid brass ones.

  3. Balls indeed! I guess if I had the extra cash I wouldn't have just handed it over. I would have asked what she needed and offered to buy a few things for her. Because who knows if she wants it for groceries or smokes or drugs even. Had a guy in Chicago that was clean and decently dressed carrying a leather briefcase ask us for money for food. We offered to give him the piping hot chicken we decided we were not going to eat and he refused. If you are really that hungry that you'd beg for money to get food I think you should take whatever kindness is offered.

  4. Guess desperate circumstances require desperate measures :-)

  5. Sometimes, it's a good idea to ask rather to you know. Anyway, sometimes there's a good feeling if we help anybody.

  6. Hey there. You should've just said, "yeah". If they came back saying if they could have it, you should've said "no". By the way... isn't that illegal???

  7. That's the kind of person I like to mess with.

    "Really? Wow! So, if you give me $15 you can get a discount, too? Cool. You go first."

  8. I used to work in downtown Cleveland. There was a woman who would bring her kids with her to panhandle...all 5 of them in their brand name clothes. Oh, did I mention she was pushing the baby in a stroller that cost more than the one we had?

  9. that's funny lynn. she's saving you money that she wants you to loan her. she should work for the government.

  10. Ha ha ha ha

    I think I ought to shift to where you live.



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