Thursday, January 07, 2010

Where I was, in photos

Here's a quick photoessay of where I was over the past two weeks:

It started with Xmas in Atlanta, GA:

(no, not everyone on this pic was on the trip, many were from Atlanta and its neighboring 'burbs)

followed by a long drive to a rather cold and dreary Panama City Beach, FL

(what bird is this?)

... but it turned sunny the next morning...

... so on our way to Mobile AL we stopped by a lovely beach...

... for footsoaking and jumping in the cold (don't let the sun fool ya, it was COLD!)

In Mobile I was amused to see not-so-creative variations of this sign at most of their rec centers:

Our trip then took us to Columbus and Atlanta, Georgia; lunch on one of those days was at a Buffalo Wild Wings ("let's play hollywood!"), where I was dared to eat one "sizzling" sauced wing (the highest on their hot sauce heat scale)...
... I can only say it had the heat, but there was no ...body... to it. Sure it made my lips and throat burn, but there was no ...satisfaction... to it. Tasted like concentrated tabasco, and I hate tabasco. Ugh.

Then back to Atlanta where we celebrated New Year's with much noise and rejoicing...

... so much so that most of us didn't sleep till 3, 330am. Of course, the next day was the long journey back... but it dawned once again nice and sunny...
... which made the trip pretty tolerable. It had been a fun trip, and I got to know the 13+ people, plus those who hosted us here and there, much better indeed.

Then I came back to Springfield, and all too soon was driving Kosh to work at 6 in the morning, peering through an ice-encrusted windshield that defied the scraper...

... and today I had this much snow to clear off of the car...

... and it continues to fall, wouldn't surprise me if when I go out again I'll have the same amount of white stuff to clear off again!

... so even as I had grumbled about the cold weather we'd had throughout our "escape from the winter cold" trip, on hindsight I see it had still been much more pleasant than what awaited my return.

Okay, I am SO ready for summer now.

Or a trip back to Malaysia, LoL!

Whaddaya say, Kosh? ;)

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