Monday, January 18, 2010

PLX2010: mark your calendars!

Life After Work is pleased to announce that our sister site a malaysian abroad will once again be hosting a Postcard / Link Exchange event!

Details on PLX2010 are still sketchy at this time, since I'm trying hard not to curl up into a ball and rock myself into oblivion from the shock of ticket prices.



I will be releasing full details as the time draws near, but in essence PLX2010 will be similar to its previous iterations: I send you a postcard, and you blog about it with linkbacks to a malaysian abroad, although extra credit will likely be expanded to include Twitter this time around.

I am also toying with holding some sort of raffle, but I'd have to come up with relevant/appealing prizes... Any suggestions?

So please mark your calendars, a proper PLX2010 announcement should be out in mid-March... stay tuned!!

Image credit: cancelled stamps from MS Office clip art; oh no by duduhp

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