Thursday, January 10, 2008


... another indication of how I've been spending my time...

Here's 333 @ mid-December, best time = 164 seconds

A week later I'm at 444, and have shaved 20 seconds off my best time!

Almost 2 weeks later I'm at 555 games, another 3 seconds shaved too.

And a week after that, today, I hit the number of the beast, and can boast of a best time in the 130's.

If you take a look at the wins % over time, you can see that I'm improving 1% for every 111 games... whoohoo :-)

Ah, that's a quality leisure life,,,,, not! :p


  1. Hi there. :) I was at the blogspot main page looking for a blog to read, watching the recently updated blog titles flash by and I just thought yours might be interesting. It definitely is. Nice minesweeper scores!

  2. That's amazing. I have only won about twice. On the other hand, that might mean that you have a lot of free tme on your hands ;-)

  3. ROFL!! Well, that's just plumb amazing!

    (I used to be as addicted. There IS hope for people like us). ;)


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