Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tweet tweet!

So last night was my first ever tweet-up in Malaysia!

Getting to the venue (Makcik chicken wing in front of Lee Hin Motor, Sunway Mentari) wasn't too bad, but genius that I am I'd gotten myself there but hadn't taken note of the exact place to go, thankfully @kruel74 had had the foresight to give me his h/p # earlier: a quick sms and he came to get me from where I was waiting: I was just like half a block away only... but omg ramainya orang??!! I think at our peak we were 5 tables' worth of people (about 20 pax?)... and y'all know me and my aversion to stranger overload...

So I ended up sitting at one end of the tables, and of the many people there, talked a bit with @dilaariff @brenkenlee @flyguy729 @azri83 @euveng --- later @loveykatz joined us at that end ... also there but not really talked with (totally me!) were @altimet @rararawr @icednyior @kazwan @rainingheaven.

The weather was really muggy though, sometimes I felt I could barely breathe in the thick air... so much so that I made three bad decisions that I'm still paying for today... ugh ... read more about that here... The chicken wings were good, a bit oily but also sweet... I was too warm to eat much tho. If I end up there again I'll try the koey teow, it looked amazingly good :)

It was great to put faces to @loveykatz and @kruel74, and to have the opportunity to meet folks who would otherwise be strangers, but are united via the geekness of Twitter and foursquare :) Here's to more tweet-ups before I leave!

Photos? I didn't take any.. there were plenty taken tho, so hopefully I'll get to steal one or tw to feature here soon, so check back in a day or two, k?

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