Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad

Yasmin Ahmad, or Kak Yasmin as most people called her, is well-known for the touch-a-nerve Petronas advertisements that would come out every major public holiday. The ones I remember from 8-ish years ago (the Indian boy witnessing Merdeka; something about trimming the hedge; ...) I can't find online, but here are some examples of her recent work (in ads):

For Malay(si)a's 50th year of Independence: urging us to consider whether what we're building is truly going to last...

For Chinese New Year 2009:

For Deepavali: (see Curry Wars! for this ad's inspiration)

Last year, the Singapore government hired her to produce ads encouraging "family"; you can see her first via the link, and here's another:

Kak Yasmin is also a film maker, internationally acclaimed -- heard of Sepet? Gubra? Mukhsin? More on that at a malaysian abroad.

The reason I'm featuring her today is... I woke up this morning to see news that she had collapsed, had to be revived, was in ICU, operated on, stable but critical... I hope you agree from the above vids that she is an amazing person, so please send positive and healing thoughts vibes and prayers her way.

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  1. News just in that Yasmin Ahmad just passed away.. I am terribly sad.. Our nation lost a true gem today.. :(

  2. Thanks Shemah for the sad update. :(


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