Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's been almost 2 months!

My oh my, can you believe it's been over 2 months since my last *real* post here? (the Hey Soul Sister and F--k Me Ray Bradbury ones were mostly filler). Poor poor poor neglected Life after Work!

Although... I might be needing to rebrand this blog since in theory I'll no longer be a jobless bum starting next summer... in case you're not following me on Twitter or friends with me on Facebook, let me share with you the biggest change in my life right now: I am training to be a Massage Therapist!!

Classes started in late August, and right now it's midterm exam season, which has me freaked out not because of the exams per se but because that means we're already halfway thru the first of two semesters... that means I'm already 25% through the program! A little scary :p

There are only 5 of us in the class: it's smaller than the organizers hoped, but it's great for us since we benefit from the much more personalised interaction, whether student/student or student/instructor.

We're learning Anatomy & Physiology ("the human body and how it works"), Pathology ("things that go wrong in the body"), and Kinesiology ("the body in motion") in addition to the actual hands-on practice: so far we've done Swedish Massage, Chair Massage, and are halfway through Sports Massage modalities. We are totally struggling with one topic in particular, one that's deemed a gone-case "necessary evil" that just can't be taught in an interesting manner: I think the defeatist mindset isn't helping!!

The course has had more than its share of hiccups, though: we *are* the guinea pig batch, however, so some of it is to be expected. Sadly, we lost the bestest instructor ever (don't ask), though, and his replacements (yes, plural) fall way short. Such a pity. Hopefully things'll get better over time..?!

My Springfield tweeps & pals have been benefitting from my kneading (haha) to practice on a variety of body types :) I'm supposed to practice keeping my full-body massages to an hour, but that timing tends to go out the window because I'd rather my intention be to help/heal rather than "to squeeze it all into an hour", y'know?

Borrowing one of the massage tables from class for use at home has been quite the pain, though: "portable" my a$$! Just because it folds and fits into a carry case doesn't mean it isn't heavy, bulky and friggin awkward to lug up/down stairs or fit in/out the car! So today I'm taking the plunge and buying a table of my own (probably this one: Earthlite Avalon XD Portable Massage Table Package .. free shipping from amazon!!): a decent table costs a pretty penny, but it should easily pay for itself once I am licensed and can charge for massages!

I've also been spending a small fortune on creams/lotions to use for the massage:
  • There's an "all-natural Herbal Muscle Rub" by Afterthought Farms [available Saturdays & Wednesdays at the Farmers Market], $10 for 2-2.5 oz. It's really strong (the camphor!), could be a touch creamier, I tend to use a lot of it at a time.
  • Then there's the Zum Rub brand of salves/balms, available at Food Fantasies for $8 for 2.5oz. I really liked the understated scent of the clove-mint one, but when I ran out it was no longer on the shelves :( So I bought tea tree-citrus instead: it too has a mild understated smell, and glides on nicely.
But compare those prices with $32/32oz or $10/8oz for the stuff we use in class! Yikes! Sorry local businesses but I think I'll be buying the much cheaper ones off of the 'net/catalogs: even with added shipping charges it still comes out way cheaper!

Hope this update helps to tide y'all over somewhat... I will continue to blog, no doubt about that, but just know that it's going to be rather erratic! So if you haven't already, how about subscribing? :)


Photo credit:
massage by grietgriet from morguefile.com
skeletal system via wikipedia


  1. If you want to travel to Chambana, I'm always happy to be a massage guinea pig! I just want to do my part to help you out. :P

  2. LoL Jen, what part of "portable, my [bleep]" wasn't clear? :p seriously, these things are really awkward to lug around unless you're like 6ft tall, have an appropriate vehicle, and have the upper body strength. Sadly, I barely have one of the three...

    btw: where do you blog at?

    a related aside: we tend to hit Chambana maybe 2x/year, usually on Fridays for BBQ Beef Ribs from 'Lil Porgy's :)


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