Friday, November 05, 2010

Foody Friday: recycled meatloaf! (Part One)

So last week I shared my latest meatloaf experiment. That was a lot of meatloaf, and I grew tired of it really fast, despite it being really pretty good! So by the time Wednesday rolled around, I knew we had to run through the rest of the leftovers quick!

Notice the thick vein of cheese in the meatloaf? Yummmmmmm!

Recycle #1: Meatloaf biscuits

1 can Pillsbury simply buttermilk biscuits (10 biscuits)
2 thick slices of leftover meatloaf, each cut into 5 strips

One at a time, flatten a biscuit to about a 6 inch diameter
Place the strip of meatloaf in the middle

Fold it up

Place seam down on an ungreased cookie tray (I always line with foil because I hate cleaning up burned stuff!), and cook as per the biscuit instructions (I think it was 350F for 20mins)

Verdict? Here I quote my hubby who finally tried some last night: "Oh my god babe these are GOOD!" :)

Part Two will feature Recycle #2: Spicy meatloaf & tomato quiche. I'm about to get cracking on that now. Will update either tomorrow or next week. Stay tuned!

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