Saturday, March 26, 2011

Teddy Bear, how long you been out there?

Yesterday I decided that in-the-oven Nova needed to be properly exposed to all things Meat Loaf, so I loaded Bat II and later Bat I to sing along to while I iced my hands (that's another post). Then I went looking for any Meat Loaf tour dates, just for the heck of it (Why is he spending the first half of August, Sept & October in Blackpool UK??): that took me from the official Meat Loaf fan site to the *real* Meat Loaf Facebook page, which featured two songs from his latest album HANG COOL TEDDY BEAR which came out last May.

Wait, whattt? Meat's got a new album out? Where was I?
Oh. I was doing my Malaysia/Singapore trip, nursing a sprained ankle, etc etc.
Not a real excuse, but I'll take it.

I have since "liked" the real Meat Loaf on FB, so I should be on top of things, yay!

And I'm now debating getting my hands on the album. Well, the CD, anyway. I'm old-ish school, can't imagine just buying the MP3s... there's something about a complete album: not just the individual songs, but how they are arranged and the larger story they tell...

Anyways, so Los Angeloser is the song that got me all anguished over having missed out on Mr Loaf's latest album. Today I looked for/found the official music video for it. Umm... I don't quite get it... lots of eye candy if you're a guy, I guess. Still a great and funny song tho.

(the type of car he drives? A *shit* car. just fyi)

And now I'm leveraging YouTube for songs from Teddy Bear to give me an idea of whether I really do want to Hang Cool with it or not. And just because, here's a list of links for you, dear reader, in case you too are interested (most of the "vids" are just the album artwork with the track playing).

  1. Peace On Earth
  2. Living On The Outside
  3. Los Angeloser
  4. If I Can't Have You
  5. Love Is Not Real/Next Time You Stab Me in the Back
  6. Like A Rose (feat. Jack Black) (starts off sounding like You Gotta Fight for your Right to Party)
  7. Did You Ever Love Somebody
  8. Song Of Madness
  9. Running Away From Me
  10. Let's Be In Love
  11. If It Rains
  12. Elvis In Vegas
(NOTE: The import / special edition / explicit albums have an additional track: California Isn't Big Enough ... imo it's so NOT worth shelling out the extra dough for the one song... esp when it kinda riles up my prudishness :p "I can barely fit my dick in my pants"? Really?)

So, about the overall story of the album... Meh... Right now I'll say it starts off just okay, picks up once you hit Los Angeloser, but a few songs later it flounders a LOT before starting to pick back up in the last two songs. The jury is still out about whether i *really* want to own this album, or actually go the cherry picking route.

What about you?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Being Nosy?

Hi everyone!

According to sitemeter, I have a steady 130-ish visitors per week to this site, even when I've not posted anything in forever. So whoever you are, I thank you, all 130-ish of you!

And here's an update for ya!

I actually have lots to blog about... but as you may know, I have a blur wobbly line drawn in the sand about how much personal stuff to share publicly on this blog, just because, well, sometimes I can be paranoid schizophrenic psycho yeah (no not really) (that's just what they're saying about me). As such, I've been leaning more heavily on a seemingly-transient medium like Twitter, and seemingly-private(ish) medium like Facebook. What? It makes total sense. Maybe. LoL!

But hey, I'm now breaking the main/biggest news here, whee!

I have a parasite in my belly!
.. and it has my nose!!
(just to point out the obvious: the noses, from top to bottom, are me, Nova, Kosh)

Going with a temporary gender-neutral (to me, anyway) alliterative name, we're referring to it as Nova Naranek online, to match this internet moniker. We should be meeting the munchkin in mid/end June. Yes, we're in the home 'stretch' now.

Feel free to squeee in the comments :)
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