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Teddy Bear, how long you been out there?

Yesterday I decided that in-the-oven Nova needed to be properly exposed to all things Meat Loaf, so I loaded Bat II and later Bat I to sing along to while I iced my hands (that's another post). Then I went looking for any Meat Loaf tour dates, just for the heck of it (Why is he spending the first half of August, Sept & October in Blackpool UK??): that took me from the official Meat Loaf fan site to the *real* Meat Loaf Facebook page, which featured two songs from his latest album HANG COOL TEDDY BEAR which came out last May.

Wait, whattt? Meat's got a new album out? Where was I?
Oh. I was doing my Malaysia/Singapore trip, nursing a sprained ankle, etc etc.
Not a real excuse, but I'll take it.

I have since "liked" the real Meat Loaf on FB, so I should be on top of things, yay!

And I'm now debating getting my hands on the album. Well, the CD, anyway. I'm old-ish school, can't imagine just buying the MP3s... there's something about a complete album: n…

Being Nosy?

Hi everyone!

According to sitemeter, I have a steady 130-ish visitors per week to this site, even when I've not posted anything in forever. So whoever you are, I thank you, all 130-ish of you!

And here's an update for ya!

I actually have lots to blog about... but as you may know, I have a blur wobbly line drawn in the sand about how much personal stuff to share publicly on this blog, just because, well, sometimes I can be paranoid schizophrenic psycho yeah (no not really) (that's just what they're saying about me). As such, I've been leaning more heavily on a seemingly-transient medium like Twitter, and seemingly-private(ish) medium like Facebook. What? It makes total sense. Maybe. LoL!

But hey, I'm now breaking the main/biggest news here, whee!

I have a parasite in my belly!
.. and it has my nose!!
(just to point out the obvious: the noses, from top to bottom, are me, Nova, Kosh)
Going with a temporary gender-neutral (to me, anyway) alliterative name, we're referr…