Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Nova Story: Chapter Two: Mum's The Word

[This post was started on the 15th of November last year; over two months later, I'll try to get this done between laundry loads, while the baby sleeps!!]

Chapter One was about finding out.

Kosh and I were in agreement that news of the pregnancy would NOT be publicised to anyone until we were well past the 1st trimester. We ended up breaking the news around Thanksgiving-time to immediate family ('live' with Kosh's side, and by mail to my Swiss & Malaysian sides), then via social media in January (Kosh via Facebook) and February (me, via Twitter and Facebook -- this was when "Nova" was chosen).

On the medical side of things, I'd neglected to get myself a local OB/Gyn despite having been in Springfield for over a year, so an immediate task was to identify someone, and make an appointment. Found someone, and was scheduled for an ultrasound on what turned out to be the fetus' 7th week. Couldn't see it via my belly so they had to stick a wand up my vajayjay, ugh. And Kosh wasn't there for that because he was running late *and* they actually took me in early. And I forgot the phone in the car. Gah! What a day! But hey, we walked away with baby's first picture:

I had started my Massage Therapy course about 2 months prior... since there are some contraindications surrounding massage and pregnancy, I had to break the news immediately to the main hands-on instructor. Coincidentally, the day I broke the news to her was the day she was teaching the "pregnancy massage" modality, LoL! Broke the news as necessary to some of the other instructors, and to my classmates at the end of the year. So yes, they knew before the official announcement in February :)

Next, I guess we'll cover some details of the pregnancy itself. The Cliffs Notes version: it was easy until we entered the 3rd trimester. Stay tuned!

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