Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A day in the life ...

This past weekend, Nova had a busy busy Saturday. First, he was graduated into the big boy stroller (i.e. NOT in the bucket seat in the stroller).
Then he cheered on guys in heels...
Then he was totally knackered, and rested a while.
Daddy and Mommy then drove him around in the big boy car seat (technically this pic is from the following Monday, but, well, I wanted the story straight, LoL!)
... then we arrived at Scheels, where he said hi to some fishies...
... and to Meijer, where he totally lounged in the cart (because he kept slipping, LoL!)
... and gave his approval to the purchase of a ball for his amusement (there's a vid of him and the ball up on FB, if you're friends with me and you missed it)
We then had dinner at our fave restaurant: he didn't get any Thai food, though. A *bit* too soon for that, LMAO! Daddy played scritchy scratchy through the stroller cover fabric with him. He liked it. Can you tell?
I have more cute pix of him, but these capture a LOT of those moments already :) p/s: I do NOT like the new blogger interface!!! Waaaahhhh!!!! :((


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Scheels! We go there whenever we visit Colin. And then I spend a lot of money...every single time. There's always something we want there!

    We had Thai food at a little place, but now I can't remember the name of it. Gees, the portions were HUGE!

    Can't believe how fast your little one is growing. :) He is adorable!

  2. I just texted my son--we went to Little Saigon.

  3. Lin, it was our first time at Scheels ... we kinda took one small tour and went back out. Nothing for us there, at this time ... maybe once #2 is out and I'm back to trying to play tennis I can revisit the place :) Or finding a swimsuit thingy for me so I can take the kids to play in the pool.. :)

    btw: Little Saigon's good great food, but give Hawaiian BBQ a try too. They are on the corner of Monroe & Lawrence (just West of Bruns/Chatham). Their Thai menu is awesome, and seriously, best Crab Rangoon in town :)

  4. a "little" place or a "Little" place? :-) their food is good too.

    -Nova's Dad

  5. He sure had a fun day seeing everything, the world opened up to him.
    Yup nice blogger interface.

  6. Nice pictures, sure look like fun...
    I see his name is Nova, does he have a second name like some parents give their children?


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