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Friday, June 15, 2012

PROM, the second time around ...

So some of my dear readers may recall that about thirteen months ago, I woke up at 2:45 in the morning to go to the bathroom, only to find myself lying in a pool of liquid. I woke up the hubby, who told me it probably wasn't what I thought it was, and to go pee lah. As I walked down the hallway to the bathroom, liquid totally dribbled down my legs ... called out to hubby about it, who responded by saying I needed to pee, right? So go pee. Just ... don't "push", ok?

And that was how my first P.R.O.M. started. Premature Rupture of the Membrane, more commonly understood as "my water broke!".

But wait, you say. Your FIRST P.R.O.M.?


Guess who's here, 5 weeks early?

For Nev, it was different, yet similar. This time, it was 2am, and I felt three good gushes into the pad I was wearing (ah, the joys of a weak pelvic floor as a result of having already pushed a kid out of my nethers!) as I walked down that same hallway. Smelled the pad: did not smell of amniotic fluid to me, but it was saturated. Changed it, went back to bed and woke the hubby with the news that we might be having a repeat event. This time it was me who downplayed it, because I really really really didn't want to face this all over again. We had a toddler to deal with now, for goodness' sake! I'd only officially asked one person if she'd be on our 3am baby call list for when Nev was to arrive, and I had only planned tapping her in July. This was early/mid June. Very big difference!! The hubs and I kinda talked through what we thought about all of this for a while. Then I had a bout of coughing that send a huge gush of stuff out of me. That settled it - no more putting it off. I wasn't feeling any contractions, but I definitely had a PROM again. Time to get moving. We decided to not call anyone, and for Kosh to take the day off from work.

So at 2:45 am, I took a shower.

Then tidied myself up a little.

Added to my "to go bag" (hey, I learned something from last year!)

Packed Nova's diaper bag.

Kosh packed his own bag o' stuff, then woke the kid, changed his diaper, and got him ready for some hospital time.

... ... ... NEXT: the initial hospital experience, the second time around ... stay tuned!
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