Thursday, January 17, 2013

not jobless, but it didn't last

I have been meaning to update this blog's tagline for a while now, because, hey! I wasn't jobless anymore! I landed a part time massage therapist job in June, started for real in September (you know, after Nev) ...
... and within 4 months that position has been eliminated.

Yup. Guess who got served a 30-day notice this week?

I was assured it's a "purely financial decision", I was last in and therefore first out, blah blah blah.


I won't go into details about it, but let's just say that many balls were dropped, and it's really frustrating that I was finally just about to start pushing for making my presence known within the organization, and that's when they cut me loose.



Now to start the job hunt all over again.

At least this time all I need to do to my resume is add a new entry in the "Previous Experience" section. Still gotta cast a wide net, compose cover letters, make some calls, attend some interviews, and land something else within those 30days, otherwise the kids get pulled out of daycare and I will then go nuts.


In the meantime... Here's Nev wishing you a happy 2013!!


  1. You'll get there! It's never fun (unless it is) then that would be a little weird :/

    Just keep your head held high and I think that is the cutest baby picture ever!

  2. Oh, bummer. I sure hope you get something you like soon. :)

  3. I recently went through this with nannying. It's left me horribly depressed, as I was attached to the kids. Bloghopping and happy I found you! Keep on keeping on!


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