Monday, October 06, 2014

Bathroom question

"What's on my butt, mommy?" asked Nova in a very puzzled voice.

We were in the bathroom; he had just sat unproductively on the potty for 5mins to earn some tv time, and I was trying to get a new pull-up on him. He takes the opportunity to explore his nether regions during these nekkid times, and had his hands on/around his butt as he asked the question.

Kinda afraid of what I might find, I had him turn around, saw nothing unusual, and told him so. 

"Buttcheeks. I have buttcheeks on my butt, mommy," he then informed me.


I have a joker! 

:) <3


  1. :) Well, at least he's using his time wisely. Hee! Hee!

    We were just down in your 'hood. Stopped off at the local pumpkin patch and then head off to St. Louis. There is a sweet little pumpkin patch just south of the UIS campus (right off Toronto Road). You can cut your own pumpkin right off the vine!

  2. Cute. So what's your exchange rate on potty-to-TV time?


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