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Idiot Box: Part 3

D'oh!! How much of a slave am I to the idiot box?? Not much, i think. I'll let you decide. So, what HAVE i been watching since I got here?

1. The Simpsons: I have a new appreciation for this adult cartoon. Homer's "D'oh!" is firmly part of my vocabulary, as is Nelson the bully's "Ha ha". It's been on the air since 1989 folks! geeez, I sat for my SPM at the end of '89 and that feels like aaaaaaages ago! For a show (ANY show) to last this long, and is still going, speaks foritself, no?

2. House, M.D.: A new series by the Fox network. It's not THAT great of a series, but you know what... with the overabundance of reality tv crap, this provides a welcome breath of fresh air! The main character is a doctor who limps around on a cane, and pops painkillers like candy. He is the most cynical and smartmouthed doctors you'll ever find in tvland. He doesn't treat patients - he treats illnesses, because "Treating illness is why we became doctors. Treating patients is actually what makes most doctors miserable." Each episode pits him and his team of docs against some mysterious illness of sorts - they go through a myriad of diagnoses before finally figuring out what is wrong with the patient, and succeeding in seemingly miraculous cures.
Ep#1: tapeworm in brain
Ep#2: mutated measles virus in brain
Ep#3: colchicine poisoning as a result of having done ecstasy cut with colchicine
Ep#4: maternity ward epidemic - virus spread by gift-delivery volunteer
Ep#5: nun's stigmata is actually allergic rxn to a forgotten copper IUD from her "wild days"
Ep#6: Schizophrenic mom turns out to have Wilson's disease
Ep#7: Successfully treat wife for African Sleeping Sickness but this proves she was unfaithful
New episodes start again next week. For more info visit here. I'll admit, plot-wise it's been kinda lame & far-fetched. But I just love the cynical attitude of Dr House, and that is what keeps me watching....

3. Medium: A brand new show - only 2 episodes have been aired so far. It's based on a true-life character, and right now it's at the early stages where we meet this gal who's always been able to "hear / communicate" with the dead, and she ends up being a special consultant for the District Attorney's office.
Ep#1 covered her semi-successfully proving that her "dreams" are true, but mother nature intervened such that the worst storm of the century resulted in the spot where she "knew" a body was buried was washed away. However, her "gut feel" in filling in the blanks and being able to figure out what happened during a crime, just based ont he photos of the scene, has her hired secretly by the District Attorney.
Ep#2 sees her put to good use to assist in jury selection, for sentencing someone who was already found guilty of necrophilia-related crimes. Coincidentally, she has been having dreams about the perpetrator and is so horrified by what she sees, she really makes sure the jury selected WILL choose to impose the death penalty. She succeeds, but at the end of the day, she actually sees the person being sentenced and has a shock because he is not the person of her dreams. This episode was SO slow-moving... so we dunno if the guy was innocent, or if there is another necrophiliac out there that she will run into in the future, or what...
So far, I'm not too impressed with this show, but I'll give it another episode or two before I decide whether to axe it off my viewing schedule.

4. Enterprise: Ah yes, the newest installment of the Star Trek realm, this actually takes place 100 years BEFORE first contact, 100 years BEFORE Capt Kirk set forth in the adventures covered by the original series. This covers the adventures faced by the FIRST starship Enterprise - manned by NASA-level trained humans accompanied by a Vulcan science officer - sent forth to explore, and thus setting precedent for future captains such as James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Kathryn Janeway... I'm not a true Trekkie, but I definitely enjoy most of the Star Trek series that have been churned out through the years, and this is no exception. I think it's partly because even a pseudo-Trekkie like me can appreciate the history that is now being told through this series... a special feature showed how Dr Soong turned from genetic manipulation to building androids hence paving the way for Data, who was one of THE characters in ST:TNG. I guess it helps that Capt Jonathan Archer is played by an actor I'm fond of, from Quantum Leap : Scott Bakula!

5. Angel: A spin-off from the (LAME!) cult hit "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer", the vampire with a soul Angel moves to L.A. and leaves Sunnydale behind. Takes it upon himself to keep L.A. clean of demons and such, and many of the episodes deal with such scum. However, there is an overarching storyline, where he seems slated to play an important role in the upcoming apocalypse. This series has actually ended, i'm getting caught up by watching reruns. I like the entire premise of a coldblooded (pun intended) vampire suddenly acquiring a conscience when he is "cursed" with a soul, and his attempt to make up for his past by ridding earth/u.s./l.a. of demon scum and the like.

And that, dear reader, are my main tv shows that keep me occupied.

In theory, if I watched only the above shows, I only spend 10 hours a week in front of the tv. In reality, I spend LOTS more than that... There are a total of 6 episodes of "Friends" on daily, and I catch them if I can - always looking out for Season 10 as well as refreshing my memory of the other episodes *grin!*


  1. Angel *sigh*...

    Love that series. Am waiting for the next season to start.


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