Tuesday, July 08, 2008

eye was floored

... so yesterday, Kosh and I went in for eye exams and glasses... I've only ever done a full eye exam once, like 10 years ago - I can fake it w/o glasses most of the time, since I've got just slight astigmatism and a mild case of rabun jauh which combine to poor vision usually at night when it's raining. And we went in for the exams and all to make use of the vision thingy Kosh had been paying for, which we'd not used/redeemed, via work.


here's the question:
... how many times was I lying down on the floor at the eye doc's place?

Why?, you ask?

Well, my body is made in such a way that when it feels it's being violated, it faints, or threatens to, anyway.

That is it a violation of my body to drain blood out of me is a well-known truth, and the reason why my donating blood is not practical.
My ONE childhood experience with a tampon was also deemed a violation, which is why I'll stick to sanitary pads, thank you very much.
Extreme claustrophobic conditions will also elicit a violation response, as discovered one night when checking out a new "in" club in KL and ending up cutting the trip short almost as it began with me needing to just sit in the cool night air, head between knees, and having my friends head off a guard who told us we couldn't lepak there (yes, it was the time when the no-lepaking laws had just come into effect).

And as of yesterday, it seems that dilation of my pupils is ALSO deemed a violation...
image stolen from blogography - thanks Dave!!

About 5 minutes after getting the drops in and being shooed out into the waiting area so that the eye doc could see (haha) other patients while waiting for the pupils to get fully dilated, I was already feeling all cold-sweaty, blood-drained and ears a-ringing. I kinda mumbled to Kosh "ummm, are there like side effects to eye-dilation? Because, ummm, I'm going to faint if I don't lie down like *now*". Poor Kosh, never having seen me this vulnerable, wasn't quite sure what to make of it all, and it's not like the place had somewhere for me to lie down properly so I just lay down in the waiting area.

Was fine soon enough, and was fine all throughout the rigmarole of choosing a pair glasses and all, but then Kosh asked me to see how dilated *his* eyes were, and the process of focusing on his eyes made me all pale again,,,, by that time there were more people so I went to the quietest corner I could find for another lie-down.

By the time I was okay the doc could see us, so in we went into the examination room again so the doc could look at the retina better... and of course, all that "look left" "look right", etc etc with that friggin bright light left me again ready to pass out. Staggered out and lay down for a minute before being helped up and into the initial eye examination room - it was already the end of the day so the room was all mine.

So, answer? Four times.



  1. That's insane! I've never heard of anyone getting like that at the eye doctor.

  2. I'm the same way! Not as extreme...never had it happen at the eye doctor, but you're not alone with your body betraying you. It's kind of frustrating sometimes.

    Uh, and I just read your instructions for commenting. I guess I'm new, but not necessarily delurking. Found you through facebook. :)

  3. Kim> according to Kosh, all I experienced would fall under the category of "nausea" ... too easy an answer!!! :p

    Sarah> Hiiiii!!!!! Or should I say "¡Hola!"? Good to "see" ya here :)

  4. oh my goodness. That's terrible. no wonder you're reluctant to go.
    (suze - stillbaking.ca/blog)


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