Tuesday, July 22, 2008

if boobs were zits ...

Rites of passage - rituals that mark a change in a person's social or sexual status - are often ceremonies surrounding events such as childbirth, menarche or other milestones within puberty, coming of age, marriage, weddings, and death.

So today I successfully navigated a modern rite of passage of sorts.

... if boobs were zits, mine would have spewed their juices all over the mammogram machine.

Yup, had my first ever mammogram today.

No, no, not to worry, there's no mysterious lump that needs a look-see; rather, my (suspect) OB/GYN is of the opinion that a mammogram should be done at age 35, and I'm not arguing, I'm all for establishing a baseline.

But maaaaan, my puppies got quite the smooshing! :p

... celebrated the successful navigation of this rite of passage with cookie dough :D


  1. Babe....was it painfull???? Takut. Nak buat jugak breast exam / mammogram but guess will have to wait till my milk storage habis dulu.....

  2. I would describe it as uncomfortable... they took 3 then plus one for each side, so each boob had a total of four different squeezing... but sakit pun, it's just for a few seconds, so to me, overall okay lah. Yeah I think in your case might as well tunggu dulu for the actual mammo... but in-home breast exams should be done monthly by you on yourself (I lecture aje, I sendiri tak buat... it's so simple, and yet,,, dunno why... roadblock... )


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