Thursday, May 20, 2010

BOH Seri Songket flavored teas

For many a year, boxes of BOH's Seri Songket flavored tea have served as handy buah tangans for relatives and friends in Switzerland and the USA, providing exotic teas in an exquisite bit of packaging. I'd not tasted any of these teas for myself, though, so this time around on my trip to Malaysia I made it a point to get me a few boxes of my own.

I picked three: Earl Grey with Tangerine; Passion Fruit; and Lime & Ginger; and have tasted two out of the three so far. According to Moomykin, the unlikely Lychee Rose combination is surprisingly good, so I'll grab that next time. Other flavors available in theory are Cinnamon; Clove & Cardamom; Mango; and Vanilla.

Review of the Seri Songket Passion Fruit flavored tea:
    I've had this twice so far.

    When you open the sachet, the smell/flavor is rather overpowering. But it all disappears when the teabag is steeped in hot water.

    The first time, I used one bag to make 4 cups of tea. It seemed a touch watery, and tasted just like plain old black tea to me. They did say on the box that you need to sweeten the tea in order to get the flavors to emerge: a tablespoon of honey later, I guess some flavor did emerge, but overall I wasn't impressed.

    However, I figured there was an easy way to jazz it up, based on my past chai experiments: the next time around I did all the same things as before, but added a pack of Equal and two sticks of cinnamon.

    What a world of difference!
    Even Kosh loved the impact of the cinnamon.

Review of the Seri Songket Lime and Ginger flavored tea
    I have had this just once so far, in between the two passion fruit sessions above.

    When I didn't get much of a whiff of anything much upon opening the shiny green sachet, I wondered if this too was going to taste just like plain old black tea too. I decided to go ahead and jazz it up pre-emptively: a nubbin of fresh ginger was grated and added to the container with the tea bag and freshly boiled water. A generous but not overwhelming amount of honey was used as sweetener.

    The verdict? Well, it was certainly ginger-y!
    Was there just a hint of lime in the background? ... perhaps... maybe next time I'll use just half a nubbin of ginger and see how it turns out.

So far, two out of three seem to require some jazzing up before being palatable. As such, I'm not that impressed with them. I'll qualify my future buah tangans with the recommendation to jazz it up a little. That goes for Jeanette too, who won a box of the Passion Fruit tea today.

... well at least now I know!

Disclaimer for the FTC: this review is 100% my own --unsolicited-- opinion.


  1. hmm perhaps if you use one teabag for one cup maybe it would be jazzier? :)

  2. Lin: I dunno... the black tea component seems really strong! I was thinking of trying one bag to a very large mug (technically 2 cups)... but the weather's turned really hot nowadays, really not in the mood for any hot drinks! :p

  3. Hi! I came across your blog while looking for Boh Songket teas. Like you, I have given them out as buah tangans with great success. My favourite is the Earl Grey with Tangerine. I like this so much that there is always a box in the house wherever I have lived. Thanks so much for your reviews.


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