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The box of tapes revealed!

Wow how time flies... I'm almost flying out of Malaysia already and never really did get the time for my threatened mix tapes revue... well I guess that means my next trip is going to have to be a much longer one! In the meantime, here's a peek into what was in my box o' tapes:

    Rima Rashidi – Pabila Kurenung Potretmu
    My schoolmate! Can’t say I like the cover – why on earth would the record folks dress her up as a bride?? Ugh! Keep.

    Milli Vanilli – All or Nothing, the U.S. – Remix Album
    I am one of those who didn’t care that they were lip-synchers. I liked the songs, I liked the image. So there! Didn’t bother to explore “the real Milli Vanilli” who came out after the cat was let out of the bag. I do have the ‘regular’ album in CD format. Keep.

    Good Morning Vietnam- Original Motion Picture Soundrack
    Loved not just the songs but the Robin Williams as Adrian Cronaur bits as well! I now have this on CD, one of the first gifts Kosh got for me when we were remote dating! No need to keep the tape. Discard.

    Def Leppard – Slang
    Umm, if I were to say I have absolutely NO recollection of this tape’s contents AT ALL, how badly does that reflect on this album? Especially knowing how fanatical I was about Def Lepp?! I gave it a listen, and omg it's warped *and* insipid. Discard.

    The Beatles – Please Please Me (discard) The Beatles – “1” (keep) The Beatles - Greatest Hits I [pirated version] (discard)
    I had plenty more Beatles tapes – did I get rid of them as I got their CD equivalents? Or did I play them so much they died? I was in the process of getting every one of their albums on CD. I have six of those, plus the #1’s compilation, and the 2-disc anthology. I’d keep the “1” tape just for the cover art. I’ll still go through all the songs and make sure I have them on a CD or in mp3 format somewhere before discarding them.

    Traveling Wilburys – Vol 1
    Discovered Roy Orbison thanks to this amazing collaboration; got chills when the video for End of the Line featured an empty rocking rocking chair during his solo in the song. I now have a bootleg CD of this album courtesy of dating-years Kosh, so don’t need the tape no more. Discard.

    Warrant – I Saw Red
    A cassingle!! O. M. G. I remember buying a few of these during my first year in the U.S.!! I am so over cookie cutter hair bands tho. Discard!!

    Amir Yusoff – Some of this is Real
    A fellow Malaysian/Swiss mutt, this was his debut album that came out around ‘95. It’s a highly listenable set of tunes, as I recall. Will hold on to this until I get hold of a CD! Keep.

    Tommy Page - Tommy Page
    O. M. G. What a blast from my high school teenage crush years!! I SO had to play this, despite the slight warping and straining by the player! I have two CDs of his, but not of this, his debut album (I think).

    Phil Collins – No Jacket Required
    Really? I mean, I know I enjoy the many hits from this album, but I actually bought the tape? Meh. Discard.

    Nico – [self-titled 1993 album]
    Nico – [self-titled 1995 album]
    An ex-bf who broke into the music scene as a Malay rapper in the 90’s. Really not my style, but will keep for s’s and g’s.

    Raihan – Puji-pujian
    They were the original ‘modern nashid’ group, a capella songs of Muslim worship a la Boys II Men --absoluetely beautiful to hear -- that I really enjoyed. Of course their success spawned imitators who oversaturated the market. I didn't bother with any other group or albums after this one. I have this CD, so will discard the tape.

    Sudirman – pilihan sentimental emas
    Ah, the late Sudir... amazing voice, lovely songs. I do hope this tape works, but will be kept anyway – uness/until I find a decent compilation CD of songs I like lah. Keep.

Own / mix tapes

    Xtension Chords – Shock Value
    Is the the a capella group from U of I? Can’t remember! I know I liked this, tho, so keep!

    TNT plus various artists
    O. M. G I did record this on tape!! I remember trying so hard, unsuccessfully, to find this particular album on CD while a student in the US. I’ll take a listen to see if it’s worth the effort to either locate the CD or get the tunes online. Keep.

    Recordings of songs from American Top 40 (mid- to late- 80’s): 4 tapes!

    From my Swiss pals: 3 tapes of compilations of various European faves from the late 80’s.

    The St Charles Mixx
    I vaguely remember this - I know I stayed over at a friend’s place in St Charles during Xmas break freshman year... so I guess I created this for myself while I was there, using her CD’s?

    Easter Mixx ‘92
    Recorded on April 17 & 18, 1992. Side One is mainly Led Zepplin, Side Two is mostly Extreme. Seeing as this was still my freshman year, I suspect I was recording some of my dorm roomate’s CDs. Up until then, I’d only caught Led Zepp on the radio, so this was my opportunity to finally get me some LZ to myself. Ah, good times!!

    KMGL Magic 104 Tour, October 4th 1990
    From my year in Oklahoma: we arranged for a visit to a radio station that all of us Malaysian students loved to listen to. It was our first time listening to format radio, and this easy listening station was what appealed to all of us – my housemate and I kept calling in requests so often the DJ knew us well by voice, LoL. Had a major crush on him but he turned out to be not a nice guy, ugh. I don’t recall what’s on this tape, so I’ll need to take a listen, then I’ll probably discard.. next time!

... catch ya on the flip side of my trip!!


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