Friday, December 17, 2010

Please pardon my language, but...

So you know how back in December 2008 I started a malaysian abroad (and later another blog too) at for the promise of getting some moolah for the blogging I was doing anyway? They paid well enough, then changed their terms and didn't pay well anymore and alienated many members in the process, but I stuck with them, cutting them lots of slack... then out of the blue they moved domains to -- how ugly a domain name is that?? -- and I decided not to join them there. We parted ways amicably. I specifically asked that my email addy be removed from all administration emails (i.e. so that comment moderation requests wouldn't continue to be sent to me in the faint chance that someone would do so); they said it was done. That was back in June 2010.

Fast forward five months. I wanted to look up an old post of mine, and whaddaya know, NOTHING is available online anymore... the blogdog domain doesn't even look taken... wtf??

Fast forward another month... All of a sudden, this is my inbox:
click to embiggen


Earlier this morning I sent a polite message to support at both domains asking what was going on and to please fix it.

Now it looks like I need to escalate this to WordPress.


Any other ex-today.commers having this problem?

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