Monday, October 06, 2014

Bathroom question

"What's on my butt, mommy?" asked Nova in a very puzzled voice.

We were in the bathroom; he had just sat unproductively on the potty for 5mins to earn some tv time, and I was trying to get a new pull-up on him. He takes the opportunity to explore his nether regions during these nekkid times, and had his hands on/around his butt as he asked the question.

Kinda afraid of what I might find, I had him turn around, saw nothing unusual, and told him so. 

"Buttcheeks. I have buttcheeks on my butt, mommy," he then informed me.


I have a joker! 

:) <3

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Wake up, fish!

Miss Carole was in town! A church/preschool had a MacaroniFest fundraiser that featured Carole Petersen/Stevens. I found out about it that morning, and resolved to get the kids there. We made it, but wow was it stressful.

At first, there were crafts for the kids -- I think it was Nev's first time wielding a bottle of glue -- she did it with such glee Miss Carole herself came up to me and commented laughingly on Nev's enthusiasm :)

Dinner was a frantic affair, the kids barely ate any of the pasta even the usual guaranteed mac n cheese (of course, they'd never had it from Noodles & Co, might have been to salty?). They were probably over stimulated too.

Then the concert started ... Nev and I spent most of the time watching/participating. Nova, on the other hand, kept running in and out of the room and earned himself a whole bunch of time-outs (administered by Kosh, who happened to get out of work early enough to come with -- without him I have no idea how I would have coped!).

Bottom left: their first taste of ice cream, can you tell if they liked it? ;)

Purchased Stinky Cake to complement the already-known-by-heart Sticky Bubble Gum CD we already have. It hasn't taken long for these new songs to also embed themselves into our hearts / minds / dreams.

<3 A friend's kid made a comment about being in a castle (it's a church, which can certainly seem like a castle to young'uns, definitely) -- Nova and Nev have since embraced that concept, and enthusiastically look for the castle we were at whenever we drive around town ... and are also convinced we shared that castle with Rapunzel that evening :) <3

And now for why I'm fnally prompted to blog about Miss Carole... First, watch this video:
(It's not Miss Carole nor her version in the video, but it's one of the songs that was immediately a favorite of the kids)

Then check this one out:

And finally, this one:

(I apologize for not properly embedding the videos -- I'll try to do that when I'm at a laptop/computer and not squinting at my phone!).

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