Wednesday, April 08, 2015


I stopped wearing a watch over a decade ago ... and yet now my life is littered with alarms on my phone.  Here's what my day typically looks like, as told by my alarms:

I only recently figured out how to use the snooze function to my advantage: hit snooze, and use that extra 9 mins to get Nova actually ready to go, for example. 

At 3.30 it's time to hit the potty (or, start another potty battle) before leaving to get Nev. I like to have left the apartment by 4. See the buffer? We need it. Boy do we need it.

Always always always lots and lots and lots of buffer. On one hand it could be a bit stressful having it go off every 9 minutes. But. On the other hand, if you've got the timing down well, it's actually a good way to let go the responsibility of watching the clock...

I've managed to squeeze in many 9mins of focused play with him between the first & second "ready for bus?" alarms. And that is very much needed.

I just hope I don't keep adding alarms such that I have two or three screenshots to share in another post!

(For bedtime, mealtimes, I usually use an egg timer)

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