Monday, October 25, 2004

A quick note on dubya vs kerry

Yeah, so i watched the 2nd and 3rd presidential candidates debate about two weeks ago (when I first arrived in the u.s.).

Now, my mom had warned me to stay clear of politics since i'm not a citizen of the u.s.... and I rolled my eyes cos I really dont bother even with the politics of my own homecountry,, but anyway,,, the reason i bring this up is, as much as I dont (want to ) bother with politics,,,, but... I tell you.... every time "dubya" spoke, I just wanted to jump up and slap him thru the tv screen! bladi annoying fella ( *wink* @ Oya).

It is quite worrying that dubya seems to still be in the lead (barely) ... and with the actual elections coming up in less than two weeks, I wonder if there is any miracle that will happen for him to NOT get re-elected....

Apart from the "usual" mudslinging (tho it seems the country is much more divided NOW than it was just 4 years ago... feelings run strong now, post 9/11 I guess... i just wish THINKING ran as strongly in this country), healthcare, and each candidate's stand/plan on it, seems to be a cornerstone of their platform. More importantly, of course, is the entire "Homeland Security" issues... what with the Patriot Act (and coming up - Patriot Act 2??!!!) seen to be infringing on the rights of the individuals (similar to our own Internal Security Act?) and all the paranoia created by dubya's administration AND the total f**k-up he's done with the entire Afganistan and Iraq thing... I of course have a simplistic view of the matter since I really really dont wanna bother with this.... and yet... I believe the entire world is kinda holding its breath wondering just who will emerge victorious in early November... (hopefully the Floridians will have learned to COUNT by then) Perhaps it may boil down to the u.s. Joe & Jane Public deciding whether dubya should stay on to clean up his own mess, or whether Kerry should take over and clean up the mess created by the "wrong war at the wrong place and wrong time"

One thing about Kerry tho... I guess if I were an American I'd vote for him... BUT... he does worry me.... twice during the debates, on the topic of homeland security, terrorism etc, this is what he said about the terrorists: "I will hunt them down and kill them." hmmmmm... not "bring them to justice" or equivalent... kill them, he says. ooooof. worrying.

Ultimately... i think there are too many "blindly patriotic" u.s. citizens out there... please,,, THINK a little.... for a nation brought up to question the authorities, to think independently.... you people disappoint me greatly.... If you were a dinky little nation in the middle of nowhere it wouldnt matter so much,,, but here you are, one of the superpowers of the world... what happens in your country will unfortunately impact the rest of the world. So think carefully, and choose wisely.

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