Monday, October 18, 2004

a week of vegetation does wonders for the soul

My 18th day of jobless bumming whooohoooo!

I am now in the U. S. of A. - have been here for just about a week - am on the first of many legs of visits to ex-collegemates here in Urbana IL plus St Louis MO, Cleveland OH, Chicago IL, among other places...

Getting myself here was quite an experience... first - getting the ticket itself... wow did you know just how much an open ticket costs??!!! almost double that of a return ticket bought at the MATTA fair! ouch ouch ouch ouch!! And this time around, I decided to make my way to the east coast of the u.s. - arriving in Newark NJ instead of Los Angeles CA. While the overall flight is maybe *only* about 2 hours longer this way, it felt way *too* long, y'know?

Of course, my getting past the immigration officer was a miracle in itself... here I am, a single female looking to enter the u.s. on an open ticket, jobless, and claiming to wanna go visit friends. The officer was like "You gotta do better than that to convince me you're not going to get in, work and (over)stay!" I really dont know HOW I got past her.. musta been a combination of luck and my charm :D

Then was the almost 8hr wait for my connecting flight to Champaign IL via Cinncinnati OH. Yes, it was planned that way... I was thinking it best to factor in as much buffer as possible over in Newark in case I got hauled in for additional questioning or something heeeheheh :D

In addition... upon reaching Newark, the flight attendant did the usual "welcome to Newark" spiel, and mentioned that the temperature outside was 10C ... omg TEN DEGREES??!!! aaarrrggghhhhh!!! brrrrrrrrrrr!!! and by the time I arrived in Champaign, it was 9pm and RAINING... ugh ugh ugh....

.. i've kinda holed myself up in my friend's apartment for the past week... the weather is NOT helping with one part of my plan of getting back into a slightly more healthy routine (i.e. walk / jog or something) but it is helping me vegetate :D

but anyways,,, after a week of such vegetation, i'm starting to get moving again... racquetball (a cheater's version of squash) is scheduled for this evening, and my tennis racquets ARE going to be used before it snows... i hope!! :p

more updates later. until then... LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

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  1. COOL!! Finally got through your blog..and created my easier to keep in touch and cheaper, I send any latest photos of you over there..Ciao!


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