Friday, October 29, 2004

eggs and obesity and eclipses, oh my!

So... I cooked myself fried eggs with cheese for breakfast earlier this week...

... and i realised that it was my first time in YEARS that I had wielded a frying pan, in a kitchen, and actually COOKED something! yeah yeah, so I did fix myself a packet of PAMA (*wink* @ ENCppl) in PJ, but that's hardly worth considering as "cooking" is it? And i did assist mom in trying out the pre-mixed curry thingy.. but SHE was the chef, not me!

SO, perhaps you are asking yourself - "if she didnt ever cook, what did she do for food?" Then again, most of you know me as the beanie lady, right? heeeheheh! Well, my time of surfin' @ beanie, consuming nothing but my Ice-Vanilla-Latte-Regular-Skim-Milk or my Vanilla-Latte-Large-Skim-Milk_To-Go-Cup are long over... ditto with my midnight visits to my (un)friendly neighbourhood mamak for teh tarik and roti bakar.. all over now. and I heave a sigh of relief :D

Of course, over here I have to watch out for those horribly huge American-sized portions! Oh and you know what? As much as you oh-so-unthinkingly-cruel-and-stupid-people comment on my weight : it looks like the majority of people in this country would be happy with this body of mine. omg are these people obese! scary....

... and talking about "scary" ... Halloween is coming up this weekend! And monther nature got into the mood of things two nights ago - there was this total eclipse of the moon, where the earth's shadow completely covered the face of the moon. Why do I say "in the mood"? Because, for whatever atmospheric conditions or whatever i dunno, the moon didnt really disappear from the sky.. instead, it looked as if it turned orange! preeeety cool stuff! :-)

... and a teaser for a future post (or two..or three..):
- Magic: The Gathering ... am I getting addicted?
- "Office Space" : a must-see for ALL people who relate to Dilbert cubicles and pointy-haired bosses!
- Airlines for the well endowed?

... and with that: have a MONSTER weekend!

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