Tuesday, March 02, 2010

a month of resolutions: February recap and March outlook

Remember my resolutions for February? Here's a recap of what I achieved, or didn't, in the following subjects:

WRITE: didn't get anywhere with this; I couldn't start (continue?) on this while I had an overdue trip report looming over my head, but I didn't feel like doing the trip report, and didn't feel like spending too much time blogging if I wasn't making a dent in either novels or report... and so all writing suffered.

MEDITATE: I feel positive about this, although I certainly did not achieve a daily practice. I estimate I managed to meditate perhaps half the month.

FIBER: This was pretty good, I think I probably had a glass of fiber and a glass of water chaser daily perhaps 80% of the month. I noticed that if I didn't get this done first thing in the morning, chances were I wouldn't/couldn't bring myself to do it later in the day.

EXERCISE: While I certainly didn't achieve daily workouts, I still exercised at least 4 times a week -- yay! Occasionally I'd have a two-fer, with a class in the morning, and racquetball with Kosh in the evening. I also quickly noticed that Wednesday was a hump day in addition to the weekend which is always a challenge. I allowed myself a lot of slack in terms of choice of exercise, wanting to build up the habit of exercising daily, and not beat myself up on the quality yet.

An unspoken hoped-for consequence of the proper implementation of the above would be my getting up early, consistently, with a routine of fiber&water intake, meditation, devoted writing time, and exercise. I obviously didn't quite get there, but I feel I was certainly moving in the right direction... and I was looking for March to be the time to tighten up on that... except that Kosh now has vampiric hours, and it looks like my days will end up upside down as a result... so trying to set a certain routine in stone at a certain time of day is just not feasible right now.

As such, the resolutions for March are pretty much the same as February's, with the following fine-tuning:

FIBER: 1 glass of fiber followed by water chaser (refilling glass with water and letting it sit for the whole day doesn't count!)

MEDITATE: at least once daily, for however long/short a time as seems to be needed

WRITE: for 1 - 2 hours, daily. ... Understanding February's poor achievement, for March this can be almost anything (catching up on overdue emails; blog posts; my trip report; yes even my novel(s)...) but specifically does NOT allow for Twitter, Google Reader, Facebook, Entrecard (my other persona still hasn't quit it), BlogExplosion and other timesucks until the 1-2 hours have been done.

EXERCISE: daily, ramped up from February. I noticed that many of the exercise classes I've been going to tend to be the stretchy yoga/pilates classes that are great for core muscles and flexibility, but don't help with cardio or resistance. So for March the exercise target is twofold: one, still targetting daily workouts, but also, two, ramping it up: doing two back-to-back classes... or do 30mins on the elliptical before/after the class... that kind of thing.

I *was* going to have a new item relating to food: cut out added sugar, drastically cut sodium, or go soda-free, something like that. But I've not had a chance to really consider/plan for it, what with being sick and all (been struggling with a sore throat since Friday, which finally erupted into sneezes and sniffles yesterday), so I'll shelve it first and keep it for another month.

What's your outlook for March?

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