Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hair's to you, Mrs Naranek!

Among the many suspected aggravators of my itchies and scratchies is my hair, because so many times I end up with my upper back/shoulders weltified, pretty much the area that my hair would have access to. It being summer and all, I decided to test my theory. I have been threatening to shave it all off, but figured that would make my round face even rounder! So I went for a "long angled bob with some layers".

Here are before and after shots of...


... did you know that if you're a friend of mine on FB, you can see the "front" pix w/o the smiley? :D And if you vaguely remember my doing a before/after post already, you're right! See: My head feels lighter... ... moving on...



Overall, it's not exactly what I wanted (that's not layered, is it?), but is definitely good enough for now; when it's time to refresh it in say 2 months' time, I'll see if I can get something like this instead (but with a drastic/pronounced angled-to-the-front bit). (probably should have had the front ending half an inch longer - oh well!).

Either way -- at least now the back of my neck and upper back/shoulders can breathe! We'll see if this translates into fewer hives back there.


  1. I'm thinking of getting a haircut too! What's with the weather over here... almost too impossible to keep a long hair :( And not to mention wasting my shampoo. Sheeesh.

  2. While it does look good, I still think you should've totally gone bald. RAWK!

  3. Hi there! First of all; thanks for all your kind comments on my blog. All the while I haven't been leaving comments on anyone's blogs. Sorry. I hope to spend a bit more time on the net... anyway; you look absolutely gorgeous, And I am talking about your face, on facebook. You are really good looking. As for the hair; it is totally beautiful, and it suits you really well. I am sure your head feels lighter. *lol* As do mine when I put mine into a ponytail, when just scuffing around in the flat. Much love xxx


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