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My head feels lighter...

Before: After:

... and Kosh says I look younger, LoL!

(The "before" pic is cropped from a pic by Dave taken during Davecago3 early August 2008)

... and while we're on the topic of hair ...

1991: Me. Seated at my desk in my dinky little dorm room, studying. My roommate is also seated at her desk, also studying. Our backs are facing each other. My attention wanders off, and I play with my hair while trying to read the words in front of me. My eyes travel to the hair I'm playing with. I notice hair of different thicknesses: small medium large, or light medium and dark colored, and wonder about them. Then I notice split ends - aarrgghhh! I reach for the pair of scissors, and start snipping away at the nasty ends. A few minutes later I realise I hear the same snip! snip! from behind me - my roommate has also been distracted the same way, LoL!

~1998: Me. In front of the mirror in the ladies' bathroom in the project site office. I'm supposed to be observing how an internal audit is carried out. Instead I'm bored to tears, and keep going to the bathroom to wash my face with cold water. One of those visits, I study my hair in the mirror, searching for rambut gatal (literal translation: itchy hair, LoL! A "proper" translation would be rogue hair, I suppose), having recently learnt of that concept from my housemate. I spend the better part of my time at the office not auditing or observing, but plucking out those thick dark uneven hairs from the crown of my head.

fast forward to current times: every once in a while I'll spend some time in front of the mirror hunting for them rogues. I have to keep myself in check though, because I can see how easy it is to just keep on a-pluckin'... wouldn't want to turn up all trichotillomanic, do I? But, you ask, just how much difference is there between my normal and rogue hair? Ah, good question! I just so happened to have snapped some photographic evidence recently... see for yourself:
Going from top to bottom you can see medium small & large ... and yes, the "large" is just *one* hair. I wasn't kidding when I said dark & thick!

Have you noticed similar variety of hairs on *your* head?


  1. The new hair looks so shiny new... LOL. Can do one of those TV commercials :-)

  2. OH I am jealous... I love that hair style. When I was still in the Philippines I always go to the hair salon almost every week for special hair treatment. I can't have it here because it's too expensive. The last time I had a hair cut was 5 months ago. Maybe I will have that same style. hahahaha. Really pretty.

    Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog in Changing Seasons. I appreciate it.

  3. Well now I have to look. Variety of color, yes. Thickness? That's gonna bug me...

  4. When I do take my time in front of the mirror, I just notice the white hair!!
    Maybe yours not so noticeable.

  5. Wow! The haircut makes it look like a completely different head. Your "new" hair looks very nice and healthy.

    BTW - yes, I have noticed differences in strand thickness of the hair on my and other's heads.

  6. THANKS for your comment in my blog. Yes, I've also noticed different thickness of hair strands. Your thickest hair strand looks SO SO SO thick!!! WOW!!!!

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love your haircut. :)

  8. your new cut looks great. and yes, I have curly hair but the ringlets are tighter in some parts than others.


  9. Hi Lynne,

    As far as I know, some strands grow longer than others and some are thicker than others. It may have something to do with the time the strand has grown in the head, or with the nourishment it got in relation to others that were on the head earlier.

    Like some periods when we are in a lot of stress and not really eating normal, this affects the nourishment the new growth gets and could make it shorter or thinner. That's about the only logical thing I can think of. LOL! And we have mod swings from week to week too!

    Anyway, your "after" hair style looks a lot like mine when I was still in a band during my High School to earlier College days. It looks very nice on you. Makes you look a lot younger. :-) --Durano, done!

  10. Your new hairstyle looks alot better than your hair before... I like the color, too!

    Btw, thanks for leaving a comment in our blog!

  11. FIR> LMAO thanks :) I wonder it looks shiner than reality because I'd played with brightness/contrast...

    ruthi> you went every week? wow you really pampered yourself :) I'm with you tho, here in the U.S. I have my hair cut 2, maybe 3x a year. Expensive!

    Eden> uh-oh, one of these days am I going to read about you being stuck in front of the mirror observing your hair ? :D

    Kin> actually I had written about some uban, then decided to take it out because it distracted from the main topic of the rambut gatal. I'll talk about my uban soon enough ... :)

    Sharon> Thanks! I finally got rid of all remnants of a perm I'd had done in April '07 - one of the many reasons my hair feels so much better now!

    Amel> yup - it was so disgustingly thick that I absolutely *had* to blog about it somehow, LoL!

    Dori> Thanks!

    Alicia> ooooh curls! I had a bad perm job once that had me looking like a poodle / Gloria Esteban ... I need to dig out some old pix... :)

    Durango / Brad Spit> thanks for sharing, I suppose I kinda knew that but didn't quite put it together that the cause for the variety of hair cold be stuff like stress and all...

    Fil-Am> I wonder if the color looks "too good" because I manipulated brightness/contrast in order to fuzz out my face.. because it does look more reddish than it actually is...


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