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Foody Friday

One unforeseen benefit from joining Entrecard: stumbling across lots of food blogs that share simple yummy recipes!

Benefit #1: CHEDDAR BROCCOLI SALAD by Mira at My Kitchen Table.
(image taken from here)

Please click to see the recipe. Very simple. I tried a half-portion, using about two stalks of broccoli to make 3 cups, and that was a good size for two people plus leftover for another day. Kinda miraculous to have had leftovers tho, because o.m.g. Kosh and I couldn't stop eating it, it was so good! It helped to have sugar in the mayo: it could have passed for a dessert, LoL!

I didn't have the presence of mind to take a pic of it though, hence the "stealing" from Mira's site. (I do hope you don't mind!)

= = =

Benefit #2: SOPAPIA CHEESECAKE by Shawn at Live Laugh, Blog

So we're supposed to be watching what we eat, and all that good stuff. But the call of crap (read: GOOOOOD but bad for ya!) is heard all too clearly in our household. Rather than buying them all the time, I figured let's try to make our own. I don't know if we save any $$ or calories, but at least it'll be different.

So this dessert caught my eye. Seemed really simple. I used 2 cans of extra-large flaky crescent rolls, so had about one "roll" extra for both top and bottom. I suppose next time I'll use "regular" ones. Oh, and Kosh kept hinting he *really* liked cinnamon so I used almost double the stuff for the topping/glaze. Here's how it turned out:

it's *really* brown on top - blame the extra cinnamon, LoL!

Here the cat's eyeing the pieces we're salivating over...

Dayumn! This is as good as desserts we'd get at restaurants! *now* I know it's just lots of sugar and cream cheese and a touch of vanilla.... simple! and yummy!!

Kosh and I have been pretty restrained about gorging ourselves on it - it helped that on the day it was made I had already planned on mega-massive burgers and salad, so we'd be full and would only have space to taste, rather than gorge on, said dessert. (Of course, we each had another slice a little later that evening, LoL!). And yesterday we each had similar portions. At this rate, this dessert will last us another three or four days/helpings each!

I can picture myself bringing this as a contribution to a pot luck or something.. yea, give everyone a sugar high, LMAO!!!

= = =

Next experiment? If I have the opportunity for another dessert-like dish, it'll be this one - DUMP CAKE (although I wouldn't do cherry, ugh!!)

= = =

The only drawback? Each recipe seems to call for SO MUCH SUGAR!! For someone who doesn't use any sugar in her cooking, it's really "wrong" somehow to be putting all that sweet stuff in there!

Next time around, I'll already cut the recommended amount, and look into substitution.

So.... arrrrrrrrr* you hungry yet?

* happy talk like a pirate day! that's today!


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    message me in the latest post of my blog if you are interested.. thanks!

  2. gee thanks, Pinay Sexy, but no thanks. If you like this site go ahead and blogroll me, and if I like yours I'll blogroll ya. But thanks for dropping by!

  3. So is that near-picture of your face about the equivalent of Wilson on Home Improvement? You're never going to show your whole face, just parts so that we, as obsessed fans, can Photoshop together the parts to see the whole?

    Oh wait, I've met the whole! ;-)

  4. Thanks Lynne for trying out the Cheddar Broccoli Salad. When I saw the picture I recognized it right away ;-) thanks for the links. Have a great weekend.

  5. Oh yeah, I know Mira, and I really like her cooking..In fact, I follow her recipes, hehe!

    I'll try this cheddar broccoli salad one of these days!

    Btw, thanks for the visit and for taking time to leave a very nice comment...Hope to see you often! Enjoy blogging!

    Debbie :)

  6. Wow! It must be fun to get to experiment with all these in the kitchen.

    I only dream of such feats for now until God knows when...that is if/when we ever move and not have Grandma cooking very good food for us all the time. :)

    Keep it up, girl!!

  7. I love your cat in the background and am going to try the desert cheesecake recipe! Looks amazing!

  8. Wow. The Sopapoa Cheesecake definitely caught MY EYE! I love cinnamon too. Did the extra cinnamon taste good? Because that sounds like something I would do - add more!

  9. I think these are really delicious! Makes my mouth water. :)

  10. Its hardly 10 O'clock where i am ,and from the looks here im feeling have a wonderful blog!

  11. I am envious over your baking skills. :| !!!!

    BTW That Dump Cake looks good. When you make it send it to me? ;.; ?

  12. Kapgar> LMAO I didn't think of Mr Wilson at all, but perhaps he's been a subconscious influence??

    Mira> thanks again for sharing the recipe!

    Debbie> nice to see ya here :) yes try it out, it really is excellent!

    Kin> well it's a blessing to have a MiL who is happy to provide the cooking for the family. Make sure you learn the recipes!

    Health Nut Wannabee> yup, I *had* to post the cat, she was insisting on getting her pic taken :) And beware the cheesecake, it's sinfully good!!

    Kilax> It tasted fine to me with the double cinnamon :) Try it for yourself one of these days - perhaps on a "day off" from "good" food? :) we have too many of such off-days here at the Naraneks, LoL!

    levy> try it for yourself - very easy and very yummy!

    Nairobian> nice to see ya here!

    Cetta> take it from me, I don't have "baking skills" - this didn't take much in terms of skills. But yeah, the dump cake looks like it requires even less/fewer than the cheesecake. I'll send you a bowlful of the dumpcake via email, okay? LoL!


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