Wednesday, September 17, 2008

... these feet are made for walking ...

Depending on incline and speed, I take between 52 and 60 steps in 30 seconds while on the treadmill. I usually do 30mins, which brings my total steps to 3120 - 3600 steps for every gym session.

Today, in addition to the above (*gasp!!* yes we actually hit the gym today!!), Kosh and I spent about one hour walking this evening.

The "excuse": reduce the turnaround time of Netflix DVDs by dropping them off at the 9pm pick-up Post Office, resulting in their arrival at the DVD facility tomorrow, resulting in next-in-queue DVDs also getting sent out tomorrow, resulting in their arrival in our mailbox on Thursday! [Yes, sometimes we really want to squeeze our money's worth out of Netflix, can you tell?? LoL!]

Rough estimate of steps taken today? Looks like I hit the recommended 10,000 steps!!

Unfortunately, today is NOT normal :(
I do not foresee us putting in this amount of walk time every day:
we don't have THAT many Netflix DVDs to return,
... I wouldn't want to have that as a regular route, me being paranoid and all ...
and we're bored with walking around this neighbourhood ...

We do need to up our activity level, though.

The weather was so crummy over the past few days (they blame Hurricane Ike), all cold and rainy, all I wanted to do was curl up with a good book *and* gorge on comfort food!
It's just September!!!
It's not even winter yet!!!


And while I wouldn't want to get all too hung up on the number "10,000", [I raise questions about quality vs. quantity], this is as good a target as any to strive for while getting other stuff into gear.

My thanks to Doris who prompted me to start thinking about how may steps we take in a day, which is another way of getting a handle on our level of (in-)activity.

I'm seriously considering getting us a pedometer each for our anniversary.

And since I've alredy discussed this with Kosh, and it's from me to us, this gift would NOT AT ALL be in the spirit of "Happy Anniversary I bought you a treadmill!" [see vid for what I'm referring to, at about 1m 30s - give the whole thing a spin tho, it's 2min short, and funny!]



  1. I wish we had a Netflix dropoff nearby. We like to squeeze as many movies into the month as possible too. It's great that you take the opportunity to walk there - saves on gas and good for your health too.

  2. I thought I was the only person who tried to squeeze in a lot of movies in a month. I would watch movies the same day I got them and put them back in the mail that night.

    I don't have a mailbox nearby to walk too but I think I should probably just get out and walk. Now I need to go find my pedometer.

  3. wildcatsthree> I just assumed Netflix has facilities "everywhere" but you've reminded me that staying in a major city probably helps make my high turnaround possible!

    ImitationAngel> I used to stress out about sending the DVDs out within a day of receiving them,,, but sometimes I'm not *quite* in the mood for what had arrived, or wanna wait till the weekend, or it's a TV DVD and I don't want to watch all six episodes of Weeds at once... so the hike to the Post Office helps cancel, or at least negates slightly, the delay in watching we sometimes have :)

  4. We do the netflix thing too. We are on two rentals at a time, and we are always trying to plan how to get them to the mailbox in time to have two new ones for the weekend.

    The crappy weather last week made me feel the same way too. But now that it is nice again, it is making me want to make the most of the weather (exercise wise) before it gets crappy again! Maybe that will help you keep up with your steps :)

  5. Kilax> yeah that's one of the motivations: get in as much exercise as we can so that it becomes a habit of sorts, especially since the colder weather will encourage us to be sluggish. This is also precious together time for Kosh and me: once he gets back into the medical track we won't have much time together :(


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