Saturday, September 06, 2008

transparency is key!

A common healthy eating tip for those who fight losing battles with their inner Snack Monster is for us to try substituting the unhealthy tortilla chips, chocolates, pastries, etc with healthy fruits or veggies instead.

If you're like me, however, all too often when I open the fridge looking for something to eat, the apple just doesn't call out to me, and I end up doing a few rounds of opening & closing the fridge and various cabinet doors searching for something, anything, that isn't the nuts, zone bars, ice cream or chocolate, but in the end I'd settle for one of those items, only to find myself at the exact same place 30 mins later.

Wanna know how to fix this? eeeeeasy! :) Here's what I now do:

I usually use a combination of the following: one apple & mango, two or three gold/green kiwi (all diced), some watermelon (also diced - not too much, but they provide lots of juice!), a bunch of grapes (halved/quartered) and a banana (sliced, added fresh to the bowl you're eating out of only otherwise it turns black and nasty too fast). This makes enough for two to three days worth of snacking, desserts, etc. It's a wonderful way to start the day too, combined with cottage cheese for a protein boost.

One drawback: ice cream goes waaaay too well with it!! I have subbed Lite Cool Whip but it's not really the same. But you know what? It's really delicious without any toppings - nice and sweet, and good for ya!

.. if you do want to try this out, just keep this in mind: make sure the fruit salad is stored in a transparent/see-thru container. We used a different container for this most recent batch because the other bowls were dirty, and wow, Kosh and I kept forgetting we had the healthy fruit option! Finally finished it off this morning: I think the watermelon was starting to ferment LoL!!

Any tips you might have to curb *your* inner snacker?


  1. Good tip! I do something similar - I leave all the fruit out and washed in our hanging fruit basket so I can just pick it up and eat it!

  2. I love this idea and adore fruit salad. I could eat it and eat it! Great idea!!!!

  3. Hi there!

    I feel exactly the same about that fruit option... the thing is I usually prefer salty things over sweet things, so fruit doesn't always appeal to me in that moment, but today for lunch I actually had fruit salad and I must say it was YUMMY!! :D

    Way better than eating just one fruit - all the different choices and the prep is already done previously ;)

    Oh, I found your blog through EC today :)

    Hope you're having a super Sunday!!!

  4. And I thought I was the only one who opens and closes the refrigerator door multiple times to see if anything else appears.

    Your right the apple or other fruits is nothing compared to cheetos or mission tortilla chips, lol...


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