Monday, June 14, 2010

should I be flattered? can those who've faced this pls weigh in?

It's finally happened to me.

I just found that one of my posts from Life After Work has been reproduced on someone else's blog! See MY POST, then see THE IMITATOR! Apart from a few words that have been changed/substituted (and very poorly), it's all mine!!

I intended to leave a comment calling the author out on this, and asking for an immediate takedown of the post. But I would need to get an OpenID or LiveJournal account first. Ugh.

I started to lodge a complaint with LiveJournal, but felt the default language/steps I am guided through to report intellectual property / copyright violation rather drastic so I canceled the process... and yet... this IS a case of copyright violation, isn't it?

What should I do, and how?
I remember reading of things like this happening to other bloggers, but am not up for perusing the 'net for solutions right now... so if you're among those who have had this happen to you, please weigh in.. your input is appreciated!


  1. This happened to my Laurie over at "Not Just About Cancer." I can't remember what she did. But I would definitely bring it to the attention of the powers that be...

    (Laurie is really cool. If you scroll I think she blogged about it.)

  2. Yeah, as I said on Twitter, follow through with reporting it to LiveJournal. Takes some steps, sure. But it's your IPR, not theirs.

  3. This has kind of happened to me too. Entire blogs repost my content. It's so weird. I don't understand why anyone would want to do that!

  4. I've been on LJ since 2001. Although it looks to be some steps to report this, it's worth it to do so (doesn't hurt to have an OpenID anyway, your blogger account will work) and it's worth it to report it because that journal will be shut down. It's easy to prove that it's your original content because just glancing at that LJ it looks to be some strange rip-off or something. Plus, you have previously posted it on your own blog here - and it goes with the rest of your content. I would definitely report it to them & they'll probably shut down that account!

  5. Be flattered. Part of the blogosphere unfortunately honey :)

  6. many thanks for all of your feedback! I'll be contacting the blogger, followed by LiveJournal, tomoro with a takedown request / assertion of copyright & intellectual property :D


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