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... as redundant as a "PIN Number" ...

... but a LOT funnier!

What am I talking about? The recent ads / previews for the new episode of Monk have been quite funny. Well, *i* LOL every time I've seen it, to the amazement of Kosh, who only thought it was funny the first time around, teeheeheee! So Monk gets introduced to the 'net and e-mail and all that stuff, and they have this blurb where he says something makes him "LOL out loud". Brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department! Haahahahaaaaa!!! :-D

- - -

Netflix sucks! Or rather - the Customer Service of Netflix sucks!!! I really love the concept, and love the selection of DVDs they have... but omg if you run into even a small bump and try to get them to see what you are talking about, you get lame-ass responses from Customer Service representatives who don't seem to have read your complaint because they certainly do *not* address the issues you bring up but instead they just provide a lame-ass assinine useless reply.

What's got me so riled up? Well, let's see... a DVD that was supposedly sent out on Feb 6th [with an estimated arrival date of Feb 9th! that's already pushing their "within about one business day" delivery promise!] only arrived like FOURTEEN DAYS later. Yes, it took half-a-month to get here, thus gypping me big-time: I'm paying for 3-out-at-a-time but was essentially only getting 2-at-a-time! So I wrote in telling them that [at that time] it still hadn't arrived *and* please could they compensate or make up for it somehow...

And what do they reply?

"Our records indicate there is still a DVD that was shipped on 02/06/2007. This DVD still shows as being outstanding. If you are experiencing difficulties with your rentals, you may report the problem via Rental Activity section. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us."

Wow... useless buggers... I was writing to not just highlight a problem but to also ask for resolution and compensation - and they reply with a useless "if you are experiencing a problem, please tell us".


- - - -

Still relating to the tv scene; not sure what bug bit my dear Kosh, but he decided to upgrade our cable tv plan a few days ago, so we've got like SEVENTY additional channels to flip through before deciding there's nothing to watch, LoL! But seriously - we now have access to the Sci-Fi channel, not that I've watched anything on it yet! And I realise that The Dresden Files clashes with the Fox Sunday night Lineup that we usually tape [&watch later while fwding past them commercials, teehehee!], so we've got to figure out how to address that.... but but but but but ... the best part of all these new channels?

VH1 and the VH1 Classic channels!

They play songs & feature countdowns of songs of "my era" and "my type of music". So much so that sometimes I feel I'm transported back to my first year in the U.S. [1990 - 1991] where if I had control of the tv, it would be on MTV [yes, MTV still was decent back then!].

Really enjoyed catching The Shat counting down the 100 One Hit Wonders [even had Kosh hooked enough to join me on the couch: we stayed and watched the entire countdown till like 3am, LoL! The #1? Macarena]

Then the other day, I stumbled upon a multipart pseudo-documentary HEAVY: The History of Metal [or something like that]. Wow, that was really educational! I knew of most of the names of the groups featured, but I didn't know which came first, who'd influenced whom, who'd sung what song, etc etc etc. And boy it was great to hear even just those little blurbs of guitar riffs and tunes and ahhhhhhhhh, just brings back memories :-)

I grew up a fan of The Beatles, ABBA, and The Sound of Music soundtrack, and was pretty much a goody-two-shoes. Kinda. I always possessed a rebellious streak, but I kept it very much in check. But Oh-My-Gawd, the first time I heard that opening guitar for Sweet Child of Mine.... my dark side was finally represented and could manifest itself!!! Another, bigger, influence at that time was Def Leppard: the Hysteria album at that time seemed deliciously heavy yet polished/melodious. I drank in those heavier sounds that my psyche seemed to have been thirsting for for so long! Faith No More's Epic will always have this hold over me, even if I can never get the lyrics, LoL!

Didn't mean I swung from a goody-two-shoes to a punk-rocker-groupie though. Perhaps if I'd been in Europe/USA I would have, but where&when I was growing up the best I could do was sport a mullet [also known as "rockers' hair"], and just listen to the radio [The Blue Network / Radio 4 - remember?] in the hopes of getting a song or two of the good stuff mixed in with the sappy pop tunes [which, I admit, I appreciated too... just nowhere near as much lah!!]

Well, hey I'm really all over the place, eh? I may try to explore this more in another post... after all, music was a very very very important part of my life while growing up: I'd throw myself into the music, I'd have the radio on through most of my waking hours, the only reason I didn't have a walkman or equivalent was I couldn't stand any sort of earphones in/on/around my ears!

In the meantime? It's past 1am, and I have to be awake, showered and out of the apartment in 7hrs. Time to sleep?! but there's this Top 20 Countdown of Best Metal Bands on!!!!! I know, I know, I'll catch it often enough, since these channels have a limited amount of new shows, and repeat ad nauseum the shows they *do* have, eh?



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