Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"Stir & drink!"

Gawd is the weather mega-sucky! Extreme cold. So cold the car wouldn't start yesterday. Today is supposed to be another miserable day. And I actually *need* to get out of the apartment today. I'll be dressed in quite a few layers*, no worries. Pity I lost my scarf a few months ago, I've dug out a turtleneck I have so that my neck gets *some* protection!

And with the mega-cold, it's also mega-dry... so I keep zapping myself on EVERYTHING! I touch the light switch and ZAP! I touch the laptop and ZAP! I pet the kitty and ZAP! Heck, I touch the DVD player and not only ZAP but I also *see* the green spark on the machine! It's so tiring! And painful! Did I mention painful??

And mega-dry causes mega-dehydration! And I'm so *not* a water-drinker... but I *did* find a way around that about a month ago: FIBER!! Fix myself a glass of generic orange-flavoured fiber powder, and "chase" that with another glass of plain water. I do that every two to three days, and sometimes that's all the water I drink all day! I know it's nowhere close to what I need to me having every day, but it's certainly better than not having any at all, eh?

And every time I consume that fiber drink, I am reminded of that FRIENDS episode where Ross & Chandler are bullied out of their usual spot in the coffee house, so they try to fix their own cappuccino in the apartment.. but it's not frothy or mixing together well, so they have to "Stir and drink, stir and drink, never let it settle!"

Hence this post's title.


NOTE: * : My layers:
  • bottom: pantyhose [which I *hate* wearing! but they help with that extra layer for the legs!], ankle-high socks & baggy jeans.
  • feet: "weatherproof" ankle-high boots [which don't really keep me warm - my poor toes get frozen fast! Any suggestions for a brand/model of boots that keep my toes warm and toasty??].
  • top: singlet w/ "chest support", turtleneck sweater, Dallas Cowboys hoodie thingy [before Bears fans cry foul: this is the only piece of clothing I have which is warm *amd* has a hood! and covering your head is *vital* at these vicious temperatures!].
  • hands: thinsulate gloves - not the best in terms of keeping my fingers warm, but they'll have to do. I used to have excellent doe-skin gloves which I lent to a certain relative and never got back :-(
  • overall: my "nice" winter coat that isn't *that* warm BUT it goes down to mid-thigh so it covers my butt [yup, that's one my criteria for a good winter coat!]
[of course, now I have to pee, so I've gotta delayer myself, pee, then relayer myself before heading out. Fun!


  1. You might have to get a humidifier. It's pretty cold here in the UK too.They are predicting some more snow.

  2. sorry I've been a rubbish blog buddy. ... will catch up soon, promise! Hope all is well - how is married life treating you?


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  4. Have fun with the cold....it's vacation time.

  5. Good news: High of 28 tomorrow!!! And all the way up to 34 next Sunday! The humidity will certainly follow those temps :)

  6. You sound like my kids when they were little toddlers. Dress them up in 10 layers of clothes to go outside and suddenly they HAVE to pee!

  7. You need to get some thermal underwear!!

  8. Adam> yup, while we don't have a humidifier per se, we *are* using a kettle to boil water and up the humidity level.

    Moxie> no worries! I'll be dropping by soon to see how it goes with you and the newborn - you are / were due soon, right?

    Maverick> thanx :-) i'm on a permanent vacation anyways, heehehee!

    Kim> yup, the warm-up has been excellent :-)

    HarmonicaMan> LoL! Well, I *am* childlike in many ways, heehehee!

    Omni> thermals/long johns are this mysterious thing I've only heard of but have never used... I *might* just change that... at the next bad cold snap, maybe! LoL!!


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