Thursday, February 01, 2007


Oh maaan, yesterday / last night was soooooooooo awesome!

Okay, so for the past few weeks, I've been this pseudo-tv-zombie, right? Among other things, I moaned about not being able to watch The Dresden Files since it was on a channel we weren't getting, but at the same time I was absorbing all these CSI and L&O episodes.... but, one thing I hadn't mentioned was that I'd discovered a fascinating series... The 4400.

Those who know me will immediately understand why the premise of 4400 people "abducted" over the past 60 years are all returned at the same time appeals to me: to their perspective, no time has passed, but to the rest of the world, well, the world has moved on. These returnees of course are viewed with fear and distrust, the government wants to keep tabs on them and figure out what was behind the abductions *and* the returns. Oh, and did I mention that the returnees have been returned enhanced/changed in some way - some good, some bad? And of course *everyone* is grappling with this new life in this new world [even if you got abducted only a year or two ago]. So there's ample leeway to have a story arc PLUS a "freak of the week" feature.

Have I mentioned how much I luuurve Netflix?

So over the past few days, I've received and watched Season One [only 2 discs / 5 episodes] and have gotten the basic foundation: and it's only whetted my appetite to see the rest of Season Two to see the development of the story leading to where I dropped in on it when I stumbled across it one midnight a few weeks ago.

But here's the best part: So last night, another episode was supposed to be aired at midnight [this is on USA network, btw], so I stayed up for it... and instead of The 4400.... can you guess what was aired instead?

The pilot episode of The Dresden Files!


Gotta say I enjoyed the story, but wow is it *so* totally different from how I imagined it to be... but at the same time, I think it keeps to the "spirit" of the books. So I will have to keep an eye on that spot and see if it's gonna be featuring more episodes as they become available, since I don't know if this was a freak in programming/scheduling!

In the meantime.... waiting on those The 4400 Season Two DVDs - hurry up, Netflix!

p/s> Kosh is finally off of that crappy 6pm->6am "night float" rotation, perhaps that'll get *me* back on a more normal sleep/wake patern, *and* have me blogging a bit more, and on more interesting things than just tv progs, eh? ;-)


  1. Come over from Omni's blog. Nice read :-)

    I've stopped being a Thursday TV-addict after Friends ended. But now, I'm sucked into the mode again with Grey's Anatomy :-)

  2. Haven't seen either Dresden or 4400 - or about a million other good TV shows that everybody writes about all the time either. Maybe someday when my kids are all moved out I'll have time to watch some TV. But with my luck, then all the shows will suck.

  3. I am surprised that you discovered "The 4400" just now. It's been showing on cable for sometime. I caught the first few episodes of the series when it debuted last year but wasn't able to follow the rest, bummer... :-(kmtycvbm


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