Tuesday, February 20, 2007

some past "happy" days

Happy belated Chinese New Year!

... and Happy Belated Birthday greetings to a bunch of St Marians who have their b-days clumped together on the 16th, 18th & 19th!

And yes, I survived the bitter cold that hit Chicago last week and the week before [thanx for your warm / dry suggestions!] ... right now most of the snow has melted and it's positively B. O. I. L. I. N. G. outside,,, well, relatively speaking, of course! :-D

More updates later. Soon. :-)


  1. happy belated chinese new year! :)

    it's been cold over here as well...nippy thin air with cold strong winds! It's nice weather for being indoors and sleeping in. I don't mind the cold but it gets really frustrating when it drizzles as well...the need to carry the umbrella and to "try" opening/closing with the winds. Yeah, it's a funny and frustrating sight!

    take care and stay warm :)

  2. Hey, Lynne....

    It's been ages since we wrote. How are things? Drop me a line sometime, ya.

    Ta ta


  3. consuela> bleah, sorry to hear about your crappy weather! Cold & rainy is really really ickky, fer sure!

    sherrill> i drafted an email then got distracted, and that was like oevr a week ago! I'll get to it soon, I promise!

    maverick> thanx, and same to you :-)


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