Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Guild: better late than never!

Patrick Rothfuss made reference to The Guild a few times on this blog. The Guild is what helped inspire Joss Whedon to create Dr Horrible during that writers' strike. And recently both Pat and Wil Wheaton were gaga over a music video released to publicise Season 3 of this web-series.

Curiosity finally got the better of me, once Kapgar also posted the video.

I hit play. And I was hooked. Why don't you try?

My fave line is: "You’ll touch my “+5 to dexterity” vest."
And yes, I'm geeky enough to appreciate this, even if I've never been sucked into the MMO world.

If Felicia Day looks familiar to you, you might recognise her from Buffy Season 7 (she was one of the many Slayerettes), or from Dr Horrible (his love interest). I've not seen the "missing" Dollhouse episode (Epitaph One), but she's in that too. Yes, she has done non-Whedon projects, I just haven't seen 'em. You can read more about Felicia and The Guild here (a Wall St Journal article!).

Anyways... so this The Guild thing... a series of webisodes about a local group guild of gamers who end up interacting in real life... to rather disastrous results. I've watched Season One, and will be move on to Season Two soon. Season Three just came out today.

Try it out!

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  1. I do need to start watching them. Wonder if I can get them as video podcasts on iTunes? Hmmm...


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