Friday, August 28, 2009

please don't SMS me!! (& pls sponsor my phone?!)

Oh man, when it rains, it pours!

So I check my phone this morning -- I usually check it like once a week -- and see three messages: one from bro, one from mother, and the most recent one from my dad, who is alone in PJ while my mom is in Switzerland for a few weeks.

Guess who essentially checked himself into hospital because he wasn't feeling well? [read: "I was wondering if I was having another stroke"].

So I started to reply to those messages... and by doing so, I must have used up the last few Ringgit of my prepaid phone (it costs RM2 per SMS, whether receiving or sending, while IDD/roaming), because I started getting "please top-up!" error messages.

Usually when my phone runs low/out, I ask my parents to top up for me (they keep a running tab, and I pay them back whenever I'm back in Malaysia)... but my mother's in Switzerland and my father's in hospital!

Hmmmm... how?

For the moment, for those who know my Malaysian h/p #, please don't SMS me: it won't reach. I sent a "sponsorship plea" via Twitter/Facebook, hopefully some/any of my pals see/s it and is/are willing to help! I usually have my parents top up RM100 at a time, it's more than enough to last a few months; I would hope that ~RM50 is something my pal(s) would be able to help out with. ... Y'all know I'm good for it.. I'm just halfway across the world from any resource right now! :(

... wait, we're not done!

While I was texting, the phone gave a lot of problems, wasn't "seeing" the correct keys/letters I was typing in... I know that had happened before, when the little nubbin broke off.... oh hey guess what happened?

The little nubbin broke off!!


(Yes, I'm still using my ancient Sony Ericson P800. Not for very much longer, one would hope, seeing this latest development!!)

Things come in threes, they say... well, I count three, but all this happened before 9am... I'm just wondering what ELSE is awaiting me today... either nothing, or another set(s) of three!! AArrgghhhhh!!!

Hope YOU have a good weekend!

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